Here are some useful information about the School. We also urge you to check our Policies page to be familiar with our School Policies


Buses and Cars


Buses: The school provides air-conditioned buses that cover almost all of Cairo and most outlying districts e.g. 6th October. We do not guarantee that we can run a bus to wherever you live, but we do our best. Like most schools, we rent our fleet of some 60 buses but have our own bus controllers who check safety and quality, as well as planning routes. All buses have a bus matron on board (and many also have teachers) to look after the students and keep an eye on them. Students are expected to behave properly. If they do not, and are rude or difficult with other students, the bus matron or driver, they will be suspended from the bus.
In the event of any confusion over a young child’s bus, or if he/she is not picked up by a responsible adult at the correct place, the driver and bus matron are instructed to take the child to the International Language Institute (our down-town adult language school in Mohandeseen) where they will be looked after safely. Its address: 4  Mahmoud Azmy Street (at the end of Ahmed Orabi Street near Sudan st.), Madinet el Sahafeyeen. Tel.: 33-463- 087 or 33-028-358.
Cars: Cars may only enter by the Primary (village) gate. The reason for this is simple: with more than 60 buses trying to quickly enter and leave by the Senior School bus gate, cars get in the way and cause serious delays. There are also two other schools down the bus gate road, with their buses and parents delivering their children that we cannot, of course, control. We can manage the bus entrance but only if parents and drivers follow our rules so that it does not become impossible. Most importantly, please do not drop your children on the main Saqqara Road and allow them to walk into School. This is extremely dangerous and the School will not accept any responsibility.



Primary students bring a packed snack and/or lunch with them to School. We do not encourage junk food, high sugar products or items that are generally unhealthy. Please send healthy food with your children to School. Over the last year, since we introduced this policy, students have really begun to support ‘good food’. Please note that we do not have microwaves, heaters or refrigerators to keep the children’s food. Ideas of healthy snacks are : Cereal – Sandwiches – Salads – Fruits – Yogurt…etc


Senior students may either bring a packed lunch or buy healthy options from the student café. We do not sell junk food, high sugar products or items that are generally unhealthy. Over the last year, since we introduced this policy, students have really begun to support ‘good food’.


Arabic, Religion and Social Studies


The school meets all Ministry of Education requirements for Arabic, Religion and Social Studies. Parents are often worried that as an International school we do not teach Arabic properly. On the contrary, our Arabic programme for first language speakers is demanding and rigorous, and for foreign children we have a well-established second language programme.


Terms, Working Hours, and Holidays


The school works from Sunday to Thursday, with a Friday/Saturday weekend.
There are two academic terms: September to December and January to June.
There is a one-week-half-term holiday in October and again in March with 2 weeks break in December for Western Christmas and New Year.
All national and religious holidays are taken in addition to scheduled school holidays.
All students should be in school by 08:00 am , either arriving by bus or car.
FS1, FS2 and Year 1 (Early Years) leave at: 02:15 pm
Primary and the Senior School students leave at: 03:15 pm