Fees Information for 2016 – 17

Dear Parents,

We have now completed our planning as best as we can and our thanks and appreciation goes to the Parent School Association for their thoughts, suggestions and input and many colleagues and friends in other International schools all of whom are facing the same problems trying to balance economic realities with parents’ financial capabilities and government regulations.

We have decided the fairest option (amongst several) is to hold next year’s fees at the same level as this year’s fees keeping to the official bank rate. We are trying to cater to all needs bearing in mind everyone’s financial commitments and economy instability. We have reorganized the fees installment to achieve a better distribution, in particular increasing the April payment to reduce the August payment. 

For more information please contact the accounts department.

Best wishes

School Directors

Graduation Class of 2016

Graduation is particularly complex and difficult this year and next year with a combination of Ramadan, exams, no results available and timing. We have discussed it with senior management and the school Parent School Association and we appreciate their input.


  • The examination schedule for both the British and American students is particularly congested.
  • To do an early graduation avoiding both the exam season for both sections and Ramadan would mean Graduation would be at the end of April, when students are on holiday, gearing up for their finals and no final results can be rewarded in time except fairly meaningless previous achievements. Students could have a celebration afterwards but a graduation in April when nothing is finished or finalized doesn’t make sense, nor can it be organized in the time.
  • Once exam season begins the latest time we could run a ceremony to avoid most exams is Saturday 18th June with only a few exams the following week, however, not perfect. We cannot run it in the morning as was suggested as no one seems to support this idea and the MUST Opera House is not open. It would have to be at 9pm+ at night or later after Iftah. We would not have any results for prizes and rewards as nothing is finished. Getting to and from 6th October would be difficult for everyone.
  • We cannot do the Graduation later in July because school has closed in June and teachers and parents/students will have left.

All in all these are serious issues that we cannot control. The only positive point seems to be that the American section will graduate in June which is normal for American schools albeit without recognized results, but in Ramadan at an unsociable hour and, of course, no parties.

Our decision is to run the Graduation away from all these very difficult issues and do it, as we have before, retrospectively in December, so students can have:

  • An exciting reunion.
  • A ceremony early evening as normal with no exams.
  • A full celebration of results and achievements.
  • The chance to celebrate afterwards.

This will also apply to 2018 when the end of June is also in Ramadan. Thereafter we will review. The date booked is Wednesday December 21st. Most universities abroad have closed by 16th December allowing plenty of time to for our students to return.

All best wishes.

School Directors

Toyota Dream Car Competition

The Toyota Dream Car Competition’s priza giving took place lat Saturday. Even though El Alsson participated at the last minute, yet four Alssonians won!
Aisha Khattab grade 6, won the silver place making her the only student from the Senior School who won and also Rola Abdel Wahab, Marwan Tamer and Yasmina khaled were winners.

Alssonians Rock PORGMUN at Praha

Alssonians Rocked ‪#‎PORGMUN‬ …We are ever so proud to congratulate our young ambassadors for winning and rightfully earning the 5 International Best Delegate Awards awarded to them at the #PORGMUN in Praha. Their performance has been ‪#‎inspiring‬. They Dominated #PORGMUN and proved that hard work pays off!
A Big shout out to Leila El Sahhar, Zeyad El Orabi, Malak Eissa, Abdel Rahman Eissa and Youssef Fahmy and to all Alssonians who did an amazing job at the #PORGMUN and another shout out to their teachers who have supported them all the way. Hats off Alssonians.


Introducing Charlie the Dog

Introducing Charlie the Dog

Hi my name is Charlie and I used to live at the field beside the Cataract Hotel. Twice a week some kind El Alsson students would come to visit me and give me and my family food and water. A month ago I got hit by a car and badly hurt my leg. The students took me to a doctor who said it was a compound fracture as the bone had come out through my skin. Sadly the only treatment that would be successful was to amputate my leg, so now I have only three legs and I’m worried about going back to the field as I don’t know how I will cope.

Would anybody like to take me home with them? I don’t want any money – I just need someone who can love me and give me the care that I need. I have had all my vaccinations, am neutered and am very quiet and kind.

Miss Julie and the Alsson Animal Care team from Year 7 know all about me.



KS4/ KS5 Cambridge-Edexcel Exam Schedule

“Due to notified changes to start times for Edexcel morning examination we have had to alter the Exam timetable for the May/June 2016 exam session. Please refer to the newly attached files as start times for all morning Edexcel exams are ONE HOUR EARLIEAR than previously notified. This notice is effective Thursday 21st April, 2016. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thanks and best regards. 

Maggie Vallely”

Please click here if you cannot view the schedule below



Dear Parents,

Many students and staff are suffering from colds and flu at the moment.

However, contrary to rumors circulating amongst parents, there have been no confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus reported to the school.

Parents with sick children should, as usual, keep them at home and students who develop a high temperature at school will be sent home by the school doctor or nurse.

Lessons will continue, as normal, for everyone else.

We are monitoring  the situation, and levels of hygiene, closely and will inform parents if the situation changes.