August 10, 2020

Fees’ Schedule for 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

We apologise that we have been unable to declare fees until now but obviously we have been working in unprecedented circumstances, so trying to make predictions has been extremely problematic. We ask parents to also remember that we have to predict fees and expenses annually from sometime in March or April in the current academic year until the following August of the next academic year and during the year, unlike other businesses, we are not allowed to change or adjust our fees.
We now have our fees schedule finalized as best as we can. With the school opening on September 6th we are asking that the August instalment is completed by that date .

  • A gentle reminder: if you have not paid the April instalment please check with registrar that your place is still available.
  • The August payment must be made by the deadline in order to receive your class details and online login for the new academic year 2020-2021


  • You can pay in cash at school, or on your credit card. If you would prefer you can now pay by credit card on-line via the PayFort link, or pay in instalments via the Payfort credit system at your own pace and ease. To learn more about the Payfort system, click here


  • Bus fees will be discounted EGP3,500 per child on new bus fees for 2020-2021 for every student who used the bus last year and paid in full. This amount will be deducted from the October bus instalment.
  • Newcomers are required to pay full bus fees on the instalment dates.
  • If you decide not to use the bus this year, but you paid last year, you will still receive the refund credited against the general educational fees in October.


As mentioned above if the April and August fees are not paid on time we regret that we will not be able to provide you with your child’s class details or on-line access. Quite simply this means your child will not be able to attend school until they are paid, or if things change, study on-line.
Should you decide not to send your children to school that, of course, is your right, but to receive on-line materials and to keep your child’s place in the school, fees must be paid. You must also talk to the Head of your child’s section so we can plan to help and advise you.

The Fees’ Schedule for Academic Year 2020-2021

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