Welcome to El Alsson’s Sixth Form

Here at the El Alsson Sixth Form we prepare students for success, whether it be in exams, higher education or life in general; and while realising every student’s highest academic potential has always been at the heart of our goals, we also believe that the senior years is the time to build personal qualities that bring success in university and adult life. At El Alsson we express these qualities through THINKING, LEARNING AND CARING.

We view our Sixth Form students as young adults who have already achieved a great deal in their school careers. We offer them privileges, such as no longer abiding by the El Alsson uniform, but following their own unique dress code and the use of a purpose-built Sixth Form Centre, but ask that they conduct themselves as mature and responsible young men and women. We ask them to be role models for younger students and representatives of the school to the wider world. We ask them to take more responsibility for organising their studies and time; we provide them with opportunities to take on responsibilities in and outside school; and particularly through our Leadership Programme, we raise their awareness of the world around them and guide them in finding ways to make a positive contribution.

Dedicated and experienced tutors and teachers advise our Sixth Formers in the skills of time-management and personal organisation. Every year there are trips, team –building exercises and a range of visiting speakers. Students participate in school life as leaders of the school and as members of Sixth Form Committees. We also encourage involvement in school sports teams, musical and drama productions.

All of this complements the high academic achievement that has distinguished El Alsson students for many years; and all of it together – intellectual, personal and social development – maintains the higher regard in which our graduates and alumni are held in Egypt and abroad.

On behalf of the Sixth Form team, we hope you enjoy the next two years as you prepare for the next stage of your education.


El Alsson’s Sixth Form has a friendly and caring atmosphere with the Head of KS5 and the Form Tutor Team always available for advice and encouragement. Expectations are high and to turn the potential of all students into reality, we encourage self-discipline and motivation. As a result, achievement is excellent and every year all of our students progress to universities around the world, with more and more applying to Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

We believe in inclusiveness, offering a wide range of A Level subjects, support programmes and most recently, differentiated pathways to success. We believe in supporting students’ range of abilities; therefore, from September 2018, our students will follow a tailored pathway which aims to cater for those with less GCSE results by August.

There is a wide variety of enrichment opportunities as part of the study programmes including Debating, MUN, EPQ Level 3, Work Experience and Student Council. All of these options ensure that Alssonian graduates are well rounded and well prepared for their applications post 18.

We have a dedicated team on hand to advise, support and monitor every El Alsson Sixth Former, from the Year 11 transition to the day they depart for Year 1 of their Undergraduate study. Should you require any further information about El Alsson’s Sixth Form, do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

General information

To join the Sixth Form, current El Alsson students must have gained at least six GCSE’s and will then follow one of three tailored pathways. Please click here to see the pathways.

As for students wishing to join El Alsson after Year 11, students must have gained at least eight A*-C  GCSE’s. In addition to the student’s academic results, his/her attendance, punctuality, behaviour and overall commitment to learning will also be reviewed and taken into consideration. 85% attendance must be maintained throughout Year 12 and Year 13. If this is not achieved we are not obliged to enter students in their final examinations.


Option choices

The subjects offered are: Arabic; Art & Design; Biology; Business Studies; Chemistry; Drama; Economics; English Literature; French; Geography; History; Information and Communication Technology; Mathematics (either Mechanics or Statistics); Physics; Further and Pure Mathematics and Psychology.

Native-speakers of other ‘foreign’ languages may also be entered for GCE examinations (in past years, these have included Spanish, Italian, Russian and Urdu).
Detailed course outlines for each subject are available: Advanced Level (AS and A2) curriculum outlines

Arabic Studies

All students who wish to enter Universities in Egypt (except AUC) must pass the Secondary Two/Three Arabic Religion and Civics examinations (Thanawiya’ama Arabic, Religion, Civics and Citizenship).  Students are all registered for these examinations. The curriculum is addressed in some lessons each week, and Secondary 2 exams in Year 12 are taken in school. Final Thanaweya Amma exams (in Year 13) are taken outside of school.

Additional programmes

As part of the ‘Leadership Programme’ every student has a weekly tutorial session with the Sixth Form Team, designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful citizens and leaders in the 21st Century. Alongside their studies, Sixth Formers are encouraged to take part in our ‘Work Experience Programme’ which involves working alongside our partners in New Giza, experiencing the life of the Engineers and Architects. Students can also work alongside our very own Marketing Department, or head down to Primary to support our Early Years departments. Students who fall below the expected amount of hours required on their timetables are encouraged to take on the Edexcel Extended Project Qualification Level 3, guided and supported by the Head of Key Stage 5. This qualification is recognised by UK Universities as half an A Level equivalent. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities from charity work to Student Council, from Head Girl/Boy to Model United Nations conferences. These projects/roles develop community awareness and a sense of caring and leadership which is a fundamental part of El Alsson’s mission, and the qualities universities and employers and now keen to see alongside academic success.

With ample opportunities on offer, students not only broaden their university applications, but widen their own skills, supporting them throughout Higher Education.

Please click here to download the University Guide

Guidance for the future

Students are given regular support and guidance to help prepare for university and career opportunities. There are visits to, university fairs and from individual universities around the world, and support is given in completing university applications. The school is also an approved CAT testing centre, and can administer tests such as BMAT (for those wishing to study medicine in the UK).



Grading System Egypt June 2019 (Arabic)

Comparing Grade Sets in Egypt June 2019 (English)

Sixth Form Dress Code

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