Dear Parents,

Welcome to the El Alsson family. We hope your children enjoy their school life just as the 37 graduating classes who preceded them :). El Alsson is very excited to have them onboard and is honoured for their valuable addition to our community.

This document is to clarify information which may be confusing to you as a newcomer and to provide answers to common questions. The Parents’ section of the website has important information. Please read it.

You will receive more specific details related to your child’s upcoming school year through newcomer orientations, parent meetings, emails, handbooks, newsletters and our school website. Please try to check the website frequently, especially the home page section of Announcements, letters, news and featured events and the school calendar which is continuously being updated.

What about the First Day of School?

Every year, we announce the school entry schedule on the calendar and announcements section of the website in August. Students in Grades 2-12 and Years 3-13  start school on Monday September 2nd.   Early Years (EY) and Early Childhood (EC) have their first days staggered through the remainder of the week as per information on our website.  Preschool (PS), Pre-K (PK), FS1 and FS2 children have a staggered entry.  Parents of these children will receive email or sms informing them of which day and group your child has been assigned to for his/her first day.

How does my child take the bus on the first day?

Grades 1-12; Years 2-13
There are pick up points scheduled for morning pick-ups for the first day of school which is communicated on the school website.  Bus children can ride the bus in the morning from the nearest pick up point and will be dropped to their home address in the afternoon. As of the second day of school, bus children will be picked up from their home addresses in the morning and dropped off to their home addresses after school.

Early Childhood/Early Years (PS,PK, K / FS1, FS2, Y1)
All children will be dropped off at school by their parents on the first day.  Children going home by bus will be picked up by bus on the following days

What about the School Uniform?

All students are expected to attend school in the proper school uniform, except for students in Grades 11-12 and Year 12-13 who follow a dress code. You can find out detailed information about the uniform / dress code on our website.

Where do I get the Uniform from?

El Alsson NewGiza currently has 2 vendors selling the uniform. One is located at the school inside the Performing Arts building and one is on

What are Junior Uniforms and Senior Uniforms?

Students Grade 5 / Year 6 and lower wear the Junior uniform.
Students Grade 6 / Year 7 and higher wear the Senior uniform.
Students in Grades 11-12 / Year 12-13 follow a dress code.


Who needs to have a PE kit?

Students Grade 1 / Year 2 and up must attend PE in proper PE kit.  PE kit is available at uniform outlets. Students ONLY wear PE kit for PE lessons.  They change at school.  No student should come to school in PE kit.

Do I need to label my child’s uniform?

Yes, all your child’s belongings must be labeled.
Dimaz has a special offer of labels for El Alsson. A pack of 44 multi purpose dish  and microwave safe stickers, comes in different sizes and shapes for various applications and 10 iron-ons for labeling children’s uniform and PE kit is available for 200LE.

For orders:Website :   /   Whatsapp: 01005224400

What school supplies do I need to bring for my child?

There is a standard supply list for students in Grade 5 / Year 6 and lower.  These are posted on the school website in August.
Bakier Stationary Shop has tailor-made school supply packs that match our supply lists at special offer (10% off if purchased at any store, or regular pricing online with free shipping).  These can be viewed at:

Students in Grade 6 / Year 7 and up receive individual supply lists from their subject teachers.  All students should come to school with a notebook and pen on their first day.