• Fees can be paid by cash, bank transfer, bank deposit, credit card, online (via Payfort and Paytabs) or by monthly installments via Payfort.
  • We proudly announce signing a partnership with Belcash; the consumer finance arm for Beltone to facilitate and offer multiple Education loan products to El Alsson parents.Parents can now choose the option to finance tuition fees (partially or fully) from 6 to 12 equal monthly installments with minimal documentation and instant approval.One other product gives parents an option to finance their kids entire education period (eg: Elementary, Middle or Secondary) and pay over an extended period that can reach up to 60 months.

    Paying online through your credit card using PayTabs gateway as a partner with National Bank of Egypt (NBE) incurs a 1% handling fee (+2LE)in case of payment through NBE credit card, 1.25% (+2LE)for other Egyptian banks credit cards and 2.5% plus (2LE) for any International Credit Card issued outside of Egypt.

In case of paying through Payfort, the handling fee is 1% for CIB cards plus (3LE) on every on line transaction, and 1.2% for all other local and international banks credit cards plus 3 LE handling fee by the CBE.

The fees are divided into 2 installments each year:

First Installment:

  • 1st payment -April
  • 2nd payment -August

Second Installment

  • 1st payment -October
  • 2nd payment -December

The invoice will be sent to all parents automatically; one invoice via Paytabs and the other via PayFort and you choose which one you wish to choose.

  • You can then choose how you wish to pay:
  1. From Home: when you receive the invoice you can pay via the Payfort link by credit card or by Installments. Payfort is the school’s monthly installment-plan partner.
  2. From Home: if you prefer you can pay by cash deposit, bank transfer or online transfer. Please send an email to fees@alsson.com and request the payment form. Please choose which bank you wish to transfer to in your email. We accept transfers to QNB, CIB, NBE, Bank Misr, Mashreq, United National Bank and HSBC –  (note that payment should be in full)
  3. In School: if you prefer you can pay in cash or by credit card in our finance department.
  4. Please note: if you pay by bank transfer , online transfer or cash deposit please email back the payment document to the finance department to fees@alsson.com, we will then confirm your payment and email you an official receipt.
  • Important Notes: For old bus users who paid full bus fees in 2019-2020:

The school will credit each student by EGP 3,500.00 in the October instalment.

The bus fees will be EGP 16,700.00 only instead of EGP 20,200.00 for the old bus users only.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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