The education of students throughout El Alsson is supported and enhanced through a wide range of educational events. The list is too long to show them all, but examples include:


Primary / Elementary School


Science Fair

Displays of science projects and presentations by primary / elementary older students (not for Early Years)

Book Week

A week where the joy of reading and books is celebrated through various activities in class / school.

International Week / Barnaby Bear Week

Curriculum related studies on ‘around the world with Barnaby Bear’ – a way to encourage young children to study other parts / cultures / foods of the world by visiting them with/ through a bear – resources and activities included. Costume Day on the last day, costume of another country.

Anti Bullying / Character Week

The anti-bullying week is part of PSHE / Character Ed. Curriculum which focuses on bullying – activities and lessons centred on this subject.

Environmental Week

A week dedicated to environmental friendly projects and activities eg: Recycling

Community Service Week

Designated for showing other classes the class charity type projects achieved that year. Guest speakers invited from senior projects and outside charity organisations.

Annual Spelling Bee


Senior and Secondary School

University Fairs

Career Fairs

Fundraising Events

Charity Events

Community Services and Community Services Trips

Work Experiences withing school, the school community or external businesses