Welcome to El Alsson Alumni Community

This page is dedicated to our alumni community; our Alssonians!. Please encourage all your old friends from El Alsson to send their information (Name, Class of, Current Occupation and e-mail) to marketing@alsson.com or to register here on the website.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for alumni events, any kind of involvement in the school, feel free to share by sending it to marketing@alsson.com.

We have created a facebook group for El Alsson Alumni Community named “Alssonian”. Please click here and become a member.

We have established an Alumni Council in 2013 where each graduating class has a representative for the group. This Council met in February 2013 to discuss El Alsson’s first alumni reunion event in line with El Alsson’s 30th anniversary. Without their help, EA’s First All Class Alumni Reunion Event would not have been the as successful as it was.

Current Members of EA Alumni Council 2013

Class of 1990   Amira Nour  amiranour72@yahoo.com
Class of 1991   Rola Seoudi  rolaseoudy@hotmail.com
Class of 1992   Alia El Shishiny        aelshishiny@alsson.com
Class of 1994   Heba Youssef          happy_youssef@yahoo.com
Class of 1995   Heidi Belal     heidi.belal@code-corner.com
Class of 1996   Aliaa Ghidan   aghidan@ahram.org.eg
Class of 1997   Genny Adel        genadel@yahoo.com
Class of 1998   Sara Farouk   varouk@gmail.com
Class of 1999   Sherif Zaki  sherif_zaki@hotmail.com
Class of 2000   Shaden Fawaz  shaden.fawaz@gmail.com
Class of 2007   Hanya El-Azzouni    h.elazzouni@gmail.com
Class of 2008  Hassan Khashaba    ht.khashaba@gmail.com
Class of 2011   Farida Salem   farida.s@aucegypt.edu
Class of 2014  Mahmoud Marzouk  mahmoud_marzouk@hotmail.com

As you can see, many classes remain with no representative. If interested in representing your class, email marketing@alsson.com

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