KS4 Team

Nosheen Khan – Head of Year 10

Salma AlSeesi – Head of Year 11


Dear Students and Parents,

As you are all aware, Years 10 and 11 are extremely important in determining your future. At El Alsson British International School, our aim is that every student fulfills or exceeds their potential at GCSE. We hope this information goes some way to helping achieve that goal and gives you the necessary information that you need.

Being Successful at GCSE– what’s the secret?

  • Keep up to date with classwork, homework and controlled assessments.
  • Every lesson is valuable!
  • Attend every day and be on time to every lesson.
  • Act upon the advice from teachers.
  • Spend time and effort on work – avoid rushing it.
  • Always be prepared with the correct equipment, books and homework.
  • Keep track of your deadlines. Don’t leave work until the last minute.
  • Attend revision and support sessions at break, after school and in holidays.
  • Build excellent working relationships with your teachers and learn from them.
  • Set yourself the highest of expectations.

Study Routine

  • Complete at least 2 hours of homework or revision per night.
  • Have a dedicated space for you to complete your work.
  • Complete the tasks sooner rather than later to avoid the stress of completing it at the last minute.

Can parents make a difference?

  • Discuss the topics and subjects your child is studying with them. You don’t have to be an expert but it can help them consolidate their learning.
  • Give plenty of support, praise and encouragement.
  • Listen to any problems or difficulties they may face.
  • Provide incentives!
  • Use the internet for additional study support and to locate past papers.
  • Read curriculum guides (available on school website).
  • Encourage your child to prepare thoroughly for controlled assessments and meet deadlines.
  • Ensure good attendance and punctuality.

Core subjects

In Key Stage 4, students work towards Edexcel and Cambridge GCSE and IGCSE examinations taken at the end of Year 11. They follow core courses in English (an integrated course leading to two examinations: English and English Literature), Arabic Studies and Mathematics.

Option subjects

They also choose five further subjects from an ‘Options ’ programme: Accounting; Art & Design; Biology; Business Studies; Chemistry; Drama; French; Geography; History; Computer Science; Physics and Psychology.

Please click here if you cannot view the GCSE options booklet below (to be uploaded shortly)

In addition to preparation for the Edexcel IGCSE First-Language Arabic course, the Arabic Studies programme also meets the Secondary One Arabic, Religion and Social Studies requirements for State (and Private) university entrance. Foreign students study Arabic as a Foreign (‘second’) Language,

which may be examined as a further GCSE subject at the end of Yr11.


The School timetable is organised over two weeks and each GCSE course is taught for 5 65 minute periods over the two weeks. All students also participate in Physical Education lessons, and have one Social and Emotional Learning lesson each week.


All GCSE courses are studied at the ‘Higher Tier’ level and include both Controlled Assessments and final examinations. Controlled Assessments have replaced coursework and require students to complete work at school under supervised conditions, with limited support from their teachers. All subjects must be studied and taught within timetabled lessons within school. The school does not accept private candidates for examinations.

General information

To view or download the KS4 Handbook, click here