Piano Aural skills lessons

Playing by ear and piano aural skills

As part of our music peripatetic program we have been lucky enough to engage Mr. Ahmed Saleh, a very good pianist, to teach the skills of playing by ear.

Apart from being a lot of fun and able to use the kind of music that students already know, this discipline is pretty much essential for all contemporary styles yet is often missed out in classical approaches.


The lessons are available for anybody above eight years old and taught on electric piano. If you have access to a keyboard at home, these lessons are ideal for anybody who wants to take part in modern music whether it be Folk, Rock. Jazz, Indie…


Contact Ms. Ola


Tel: 002-02-33888510#154


Tel: 002-02-33888510#308


MSA University Visits El Alsson

MSA University came to visit El Alsson’s 6th Formers on Monday 6th September to present their upcoming MUN event. Their enthusiastic presentation allowed the students to get a feel for the opportunities MUN offer. This is a fantastic opportunity, enhancing leadership skills and University applications. We thank the delegates for their time and energy.