Y9 French Cuisine Cafe

Thank you to Year 9 students for inviting the Year 5 and 6 children to their French Cafe yesterday.  The Year 9’s provided students with a cafe that they could enjoy and all conversation was done in French!  What a fantastic idea and great way to practice your French skills.  Thank you to Madame Nadia and Madame Fabienne for supporting the project.


The 2017 American Career Fair

2017 American Career Fair exceeds expectations!!!! What a wonderful opportunity our Grade 10 were given today!

The American senior school career fair was such a great success! We could see how interested & engaged our students were & how informative & helpful our volunteering parents, guests & members of staff were!

Choosing a life time career is certainly not a simple task; however, it was made easier today because of all the help & the support our students were given!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event such an amazing one!


El Alsson Charity Day

On Thursday 14th December the Senior American and Secondary British Schools will be having their first Charity Day at the new site. For a 20 LE donation students will be in non school uniform or Christmas costumes for the day. At 1pm the plaza will transform into an extravaganza of stalls and games run by the students including throw the sponge at the teacher, guess the jelly beans in the jar, our famous ‘rugby prison’, blind penalty shootout, cookies and cakes sales and a fun run around the site. All the money raised will go towards the families, orphans and animals that we support (two thirds to families/orphans and one third to animals). A group of students are visiting the people we help today to bring clothes and blankets from our recent donation drive and to assess how best the money can be spent to support their needs – updates will follow.

At Alsson we are extremely proud of the wonderful spirit of the students when it comes to helping others less fortunate. We are also very grateful to you their parents for the continual guidance and support you give them. Thank you!

Further Fog Update

Dear Parents,

We appreciate the concerns many of you have raised about fog in the mornings. Currently there are un-verified rumours that parts of the Mehwar and Cairo-Alex Road past the toll gates will be closed in the morning. Our transport office is aware of these possibilities and have alternative routes planned in the event of road closures, though we cannot guarantee that routes will be congestion-free. Our bus drivers also utilize safe heavy-fog driving protocols while on route to school, which include reduced speed, use of lights, and travel in convoy. The safety of all our students is extremely important to us.

Our bus routes will operate at their normal times tomorrow, December 5th. Buses will take the utmost precautions to arrive safely though there is the possibility of delayed arrival. Any parent concerned about morning fog may opt to bring their child to school later in the morning by their own transportation. Children will not be penalized for late arrival or absence in the event of heavy fog.

We will continue to monitor the morning fog and communicate any adjustments to our day schedule should it be necessary.

El Alsson School

Update on the Y6 Desert Trip

Dear Parents,

First of all thank you for your patience with regards the trip tomorrow. I have been working on the organisation all morning to try and ensure that we make the best decision for all staff and children who are travelling on the trip. After speaking with WESC, Mr Chalkly and Mr Colin, we have decided the trip can go ahead, but at a later scheduled time.

Tomorrow morning the buses will leave from school at 10:00am. Please can you endeavour to get your children here for 9:45am so that we can load the buses ready for leaving. Obviously this will be adjusted if necessary based on the weather. Teachers will be coming to school ready for the regular time, so staff will be in school if you choose to send your child on the school bus as usual. Packing lists and organisation has not changed, so please ensure that children bring their breakfast and everything that was asked for on the packing list.

Unfortunately, Mrs Amin is not able to join the trip, so I will be accompanying the staff and children to the Desert.

Please find below the amended schedule for the trip tomorrow.

Day 1 Activity Remarks


Travel to Fayoum +

Rules on the way

By Bus to Wadi Hitan


02:00-04:00 Museum Visit and educational activities 4 groups

(Museum+ rocks+ geological time+ evolution)



Walk in the valley + pictures


Tents and rest Name + slogan + prisoners


Teams Choose a name, slogan and play prisoners
05:45-06:30 Dinner Time
06:30-07:00 Rest
07:00-09:00 Pictionary and Charades + Camp fire and marshmallows
09:00-09:45 Bed time story, bathrooms and bedtime Mr. Peter + Mr. Mostafa + Mr. Waleed

Children who are not attending the trip have been assigned work to do and will stay at home for the duration of the trip. The work is not optional and should be submitted on the date set by their teachers.

Thank you again for your patience.


Sam Cuthbert

Assistant Head of Key Stage 2