AP Exam Schedule and Requirements

AP Exam Schedule and Requirements
WEEK 1 – Monday May 1st to Friday May 5th:
AP Chemistry Monday May 1st (Labor Day) at 8:00AM
AP Psychology Monday May 1st (Labor Day) at 12:00PM

AP Physics 1 Tuesday May 2nd at 12:00PM

AP English Literature and Composition Wednesday May 3rd at 8:00AM

AP Computer Science Principles Exam Friday May 5th at 12:00PM
*AP Computer Science Tasks should be submitted by April 30th.
*AP Studio Art – students should have submitted portfolios by May 5th.

WEEK 2 – Monday May 8th to Friday May 12th:
AP Calculus A/B Tuesday May 9th at 8:00AM
AP French Language and Composition May 9th at 12:00PM

AP English Language and Composition Wednesday May 10th at 8:00AM
AP Macroeconomics Wednesday May 10th at 12:00PM

AP Microeconomics Friday May 12th at 8:00AM

NOTE: Students must be in school 15 minutes before the start of exam time. All phones and electronic devices will be left outside of the testing room. Graphing calculators are required for some parts of the Calculus A/B exam. A scientific or graphing calculator is recommended for part of the Chemistry exam. Physics 1 requires four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator for sections I and II and a ruler. Students should bring: several No. 2 pencils, pens with black or blue ink, a watch, and an appropriate calculator (see above).

Congratulating Mostafa Hammad on becoming a Google Certified Trainer

Congratulating Mr. Mostafa Ramadan Hammad, our American Senior Work Experience Advisor on his recent achievement in becoming a Google certified trainer.

“On behalf of Google, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Google For Education Certified Trainer Program, Mostafa! After reviewing your application, we believe that you have the experience and passion necessary to positively impact education by helping teachers transform teaching and learning with technology.”

Y8 France Trip

Wow! 6 days In France, in Paris and Marseille, and yet we all have improved our knowledge of France. We also managed to make it a successful, happy and experiencing trip! We visited many places we had learnt about in French and History lessons including Versailles, Les bateaux mouches, Notre Dame de Paris, Beaubourg Museum and the Eiffel Tower. We enjoyed delicious crepes and ate surprisingly delicious snails in Montmartre. We also had a chance to listen to birds in the country side in the Camargue region and watch a sound and light show in a cave in quarry in Provence! In fact this trip taught us a lot of stuff in addition to what we learned at school. It gave us a chance to use skills and words we learned and apply them in real life situations. It made us become more independent and rely more on ourselves as we had to do the washing up in the youth hostel for example. It also gave us a chance to bond, not only with our friends but with our teachers. El Alssons teachers are always looking for a way to make our days fun: We got lost in a mall, laughed on a Ferris wheel, met a lot of people including a small group of Australians who we now call our friends. The trip was a great success and we can guarantee that every student on the trip had the time of their lives. This trip wouldn’t have been possible and wouldn’t have been amazing without the hard work and effort of the French Department, Mr Hamadi and especially Madame Fabienne for organising the trip and being responsible for 29 students. It also wouldn’t have been possible without Miss Julie and Mr Steve always being on the lookout and always making sure we were okay.

Thank you all staff and students for making this one of the best trips of our life!

Hana Seoudy & Adham Shaker year 8B

Updated El Alsson NEWGIZA Campus Pictures

Pictures taken Early April 2017  – compared to Early March 2017

Classrooms with Porcelain floors installed (comparing early March 2017 to early April 2017)

Now with windows installed as well

An FS1 / Pre school Classroom (comparing Early March 2017 with most recent early April 2017)

Massive Corridors (Early April 2017)

Labs (Early April 2017)

Performing Arts – Theatre: standing on stage looking at audience (Early March)

Performing Arts – Theatre: looking at the stage (Early March)

The American School with the red brick facade (Early March 2017)

Autism Awareness Dress in Blue Day

As always, El Alsson has been supporting Autism Awareness ever since it was approached by the Egyptian Autistic Society years back. Every year, El Alsson creates awareness among its students all the way from Primary till Senior School. This year, other than the Whole School Dress in Blue Day on April 2nd, Primary students prepared a dance and performed it today in the primary field. Special thanks go to Ms. Heba Wahdan, our sports teacher who took the initiative to teach the entire student body the dance, choreographed it and made sure they were all great at it. An amazing job from an amazing teacher. As for the Seniors, High School students visited the Autistic Society for an awareness workshop last week where they took what they learned and came back to create further awareness among all other students in the senior school. It has become an El Alsson tradition now to always dress in Blue on April 2nd and all students know why. #moretoautism

American Elementary G4 and G5 Science Fairs

Last week was the fourth and fifth graders Science Fairs. What amazing projects & presentations they all had!
Super job both G5 & G5! We’re very proud of you!
This year, the fourth graders rose up to the challenge of applying the new science standards NGSS to their Science Fair projects.Each group designed and created their own special toy made out of recycled materials. Their models and prototypes were amazing. They were also given a S.T. E. M challenge at the end of their Science Fair. They were challenged to build the “tallest” free-standing tower made out of very few materials. It wasn’t easy, but it certainly was very exciting and enjoyable for students, teachers, as well as parents.

What amazing projects & presentations! Super job G5! We’re very proud of you!