Upgrade to our Online Learning Environments (OLEs)

Upgrade to our Online Learning Environments (OLEs)


In order to improve the user experience Our American, British and Primary OLEs have been upgraded to the latest version.  In order to access the new environments all users will have to choose a new password by following the simple instructions below.


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Thank you

Mr Fasail Yasin

El Alsson First All Class Alumni Reunion

El Alsson School, Giza – April 12th 2013: El Alsson held its first all class reunion in celebration of its 30th Anniversary. El Alsson School was founded in 1982 and has graduated 23 classes since 1989.
An Alumni Council was formed this year to organize and hold an “All Class Reunion” for all Alssonians.
Our goal was to have a fun daytime event for people to meet up with their old friends and staff – a bit of nostalgia! The day featured 90s music, food and drinks, and some optional sports along with lots of reminiscing, signing of alumni tee-shirts – just like when students signed each others’ tee-shirts on their last day. Karim Sherif even came wearing his tee-shirt from his last day at school – bit small now but fabulous idea!!  The event featured DJs, also alumni; Karim Al Sharif, Class of 1995 and Mayan Fawaz, Class of 1997. Many people were spotted dancing to favourite tunes of their youth or listening along.
Former students were amazed with all the changes in the school they had left years ago. They took tours to their old classrooms, played basketball on the courts and told tales of how it used to be. 
We had a few displays of the school whilst it was being built, when it first opened and what it looks like now exhibited, which entertained many alumni and long term staff.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our distinguished sponsors for their presence and support during the day; Coca Cola, Wadi Food, Smile Dental Center International, Archimedia, Remax (Palm Springs), Best Juices, Cairo West and Travco. We were also very lucky to have Mr. Bichbichie among our sponsors who stepped up and volunteered to DJ to give our alumni DJs a chance to socialize with their friends.
Prominent alumni members honoured us with their presence on the day; one example being Dr. Bassem Youssef who enjoyed meeting up with old friends. He was also popular amongst other alumni and staff who have seen him on TV and who wanted to meet him. The School has many famous and / or successful alumni – we are proud of them all. The Directors gave a little Thank You speech towards the end of the day, they also mentioned how our alumni are unique and how Universities and Industry always seek out our former students. The Directors were very busy all day but also delighted as everybody wanted to say Hello and Thank You to them.
The spirit of the day was beyond amazing; the field was like a sea of smiling faces. Many had been transported back in time – that feeling of being 15 again and back to school! Teachers were delighted to see the children they had once taught all grown up and doing so well. They were very proud that they had been remembered and appreciated.

All in all: good weather, good music, good food and most of all good company… what else does one need to make this event a success?
Thanks to everyone who put in so much effort to make it happen and to all those who came along. Many asked if we could have more alumni events…. and why not?!