Hayah MUN 2015 registration letter

Dear parents

Re: HIA MUN February conference

As part of our MUN program, we are planning to take part in the Hayah International Academy Model United Nations. This conference, which will take place on February 11-14, 2015, offers students an opportunity to attend a local MUN conference.


As part of this event, the students will be involved in various simulations of the United Nations councils, along with a social event on one evening during the weekend. Any conference schedule is hectic, but the experiences that students gain are worth the effort they put in.

The cost to attend this conference will be 1100 LE, which includes lunch every day, snacks, the social outing conference materials, and the badge fees. Hayat does provide some buses to and from pick up points at no extra cost to students, or alternatively, students can use their own transportation to and from the conference, which takes place at the Hayah campus in Katameya


There are limited spaces available and a number of students have shown interest. To confirm your son/daughter will be attending HIAMUN, please complete the slip below, and return it to me with 1100LE to school by Wednesday October 29. Please note that this payment of 1100LE is non-refundable, as it will be immediately paid to the conference organizers to confirm each student’s place.



Helen Somerville

(El Alsson MUN Director)


If you cannot view the permission slip below, please click here


Telephone Switch Boards Undergoing Maintenance

Dear Parents,

Please note that our telephone switch board is undergoing maintenance and that all internal phones will not be working today. Sunday 19th nor tomorrow, Monday 20th.

We hope that the switch will be back and running on Tuesday, 21st as normal…

Please note that El Alsson’s mobile lines are functioning as normal but no call transfers are possible at the moment. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to settle the matter as soon as possible.


Thank you

ReadiStep Test Letter for G8 parents

Dear Parents,

In only a few more years, your child will be getting ready to enter the university of his/her choice through completion of a college-ready courseload at school and the CollegeBoard’s SAT. The SAT measures a student’s college-readiness skills in three key areas: Critical Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, and Writing, and students take the SAT for the first time during the Spring of Grade 11.


For a number of years, one of our steps towards preparation for the SAT has been the administration of the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) to students in Grades 10 and 11, and (from next year) to students in Grade 9 as well. Now, the CollegeBoard has offers us an additional tool to better help students on the track to college entry and college success. ReadiStep testing enables key areas of strength or areas in need of improvement to be identified at a very early stage, and so enables the school to prepare for, provide and ensure optimum learning opportunities for all students as they enter High School, and then work towards the SAT, graduation, university entrance and future success.


ReadiStep is a standardized test that provides students, parents and the school valuable information about student learning and performance prior to the students entering High School. It is fully aligned to the CollegeBoard’s college-readiness skills, as well as curricular standards in Math and English Language Arts, and follows a structure and format similar to the PSAT and SAT.


We will conduct ReadiStep testing with all Grade 8 students on Wednesday, October 15th.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Allison Fleet

American Senior School Principal

A plea on behalf of Egypt Equine Aid

Egypt Equine Aid is a local animal charity for horses and donkeys based near Sakkara Country Club. It is run by Jill Barton and her husband and has a full time equine vet to treat animals in need. I have visited the hospital and am very impressed with the facility. They are in need of some items to help run the hospital efficiently so I have attached their ‘Wish List’. Many are medical supplies and others specialist horse supplies. If you can help by donating any items please let me know or send them with your child to the Senior British Office.


Thanks for your support,


Miss Julie Clarke




Clippers (Oster Blade #40)

Hausmann’s Gag 

Surgical instruments

Large Animal Giving Sets (IV Fluid Giving Sets)

Squeezer for saline bags and bottles 

Hoof knives (loop knives) 

Hoof Knives   Tough-1 Deluxe Oval Hoof Knife (Amazon)

Hoof Picks


Syringes  Various Sizes

Needles   21 G and 14 G (metal)

Refractometer (a small handy telescope for estimating total protein in samples)

 Micro haematocrite centrifuge (state spin brand) 

Blood transfusion bags 

Flexible ice packs (to wrap around inflamed tendons) 

Dip sticks for urinalysis 

Dressings (Melolin at least 10cm x 10 cm, other different kinds)

Dressings (Impregnated with medical grade Manuka honey, at least 10 cm x10 cm)

Veterinary Books (new or 2nd hand)

Rasps (for hoof or teeth)



Stomach tubes 

Headcollars   Cob & Pony Size

Lead Ropes


Bridles   Cob & Pony Size

Snaffle Bridles   Cob & Pony Size

Grazing Muzzles

Stirrup Leathers & Irons

Girths   Between 36 inches & 42 inches

Lunging gear


Saddles   Narrow fit and at least 16 inches in length

Senior School Student Council Teams’ Campaigns and Elections


Thursday 2nd October 2014 saw El Alsson’s first ever party elections for Student Council. Today was a landmark in moving towards greater student involvement in the school’s decision making process.

After an exciting week of campaigning (with some surprises) student parties delivered final speeches to their electorate. Voting was carried out in tutor and home rooms; with class reps taking the important role of recording a fair and honest result.


The duly elected parties, for both the American and British sections, will be announced on Thursday 9th October in our whole school assembly.

It really has been a privilege for me, as co-ordinator of the event, to work with dedicated and enthusiastic students who have carried out such focused and effective campaigns!

Thankyou to everyone involved.

Rhoda Bailey (Student Council Co-ordinator).

Link to the Photos from October 2nd…