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Y10 Trip to RECREE

Last Thursday, our Y10 Economics class went on a trip to the Regional Center for Renewable and Energy Efficiency (RECREE)

From the minute they arrived, they were extremely welcomed by members of the RECREE. While there, they were explained the role and purpose of the center. Alssonians met key members of staff who were very generous with their time. Some explained their work and others went further as they shared with their motives for working in the field of renewable and energy efficiency. Our students saw the reality of work and had the chance to discuss important topics with highly qualified people from various parts of the world. Such exposure was a true source of inspiration.

Our young attendees found out that by 2050, Morocco plans to rely exclusively on solar power for its supply of energy and that many environmental challenges lie ahead of us in Egypt. They also learnt about transformational job creation, wind energy and found out more about why we, as a society, must strive to combat climate change.

The students who participated were great ambassadors of our school and their excellent manners and behavior make us beyond proud. Students had a great time and the food offered was simply succulent. Besides the educational purpose of the trip, it was a great way to create additional links between students who have a multicultural background and an inspirational and beautiful vision of the world. We only went to Nasr City, but thanks to Dr. Ahmed Badr and his team, we felt we were traveling the world.

As we truly say: “we all stand with respect to you, as you are approaching the level of the “holy messenger”.  This is simply because you are doing the “most economic profit rewarding” by investing our most valuable human capital i.e., our children/our hearts. – Dr. Ahmed Badr

Mr. Reza Hamroun

Ramadan Times

Dear Parents,

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and an enjoyable Easter Break and a blessed Ramadan.

This is to let you know the Ramadan times for the school day.

Early Years and Early Childhood up to Y1 and K are: 8am till 1pm

Primary/Elementary (as of Y2/G1) and Secondary/Senior School: 8am till 2pm

Please note that buses leave at 1pm and 2pm respectively