British School Parent Workshops

Dear Parents,
Over the course of the remainder of this school year the British School at El Alsson will be
running a series of workshops, hosted by the Principal and members of the Senior and Middle
Leadership Teams, to further update parents on key areas of school life and key areas of
practice within the school. These workshops will serve to support parents in their understanding
of the way the school works and how best to support their children in their learning,
development and progression at El Alsson. Our workshops will span a wide range of year
groups and are designed to update parents on long and short term planning and activities for
their children and the school. Each workshop will be hosted online via Zoom by the Principal
and a panel of senior or middle leaders. The workshop will contain an update from the panel
and then the opportunity for parents to ask any questions that they may have. Each workshop is
scheduled for 60 minutes.

The list of workshops and the targeted year groups can be found below. We ask that parents
sign up via the google form link for each session that they wish to attend. Once registration is
confirmed a link to the session will be sent out from our admin team. Each workshop will be
recorded and made available to those parents who have registered, in case parents are unable
to join the workshop as it happens live. These workshops are designed to give parents
additional information to the regular updates that the school provides on the day to day running
of the school, the progress of their child and other important information.

The last twelve months has been a very challenging time for our community and we hope that
these workshops will give staff and parents the chance to reconnect on key areas of school life
and the plans the school has going forward. We hope as many parents as possible can join us
for these workshops either live or via recordings that will be sent to parents who register.
Please complete the registration form at the link below and please remember to check which
year groups each workshop is designed for.

Parent Workshop Registration form

Finally, I would like to thank parents for their continued support through the challenging
circumstances that we are all still facing. We hope to see as many parents as possible in the
various workshops as we continue to build the partnership between home and school.

Kind Regards
Mr Matt Topliss


Whole School Online Learning March 29-April 1

Dear Parents,

Due to the recent increases in the number of positive cases within the El Alsson community, we have reluctantly decided to ask all students to work online for the remainder of this week. All students will return to in-school learning on Tuesday 6th April, following the Western Easter long weekend.

This decision comes after careful consideration of a number of factors including:

  • Household cases amongst our student-body
  • Many class groups closed due to positive cases
  • Student absence running at some 40% across the school.
  • High levels of Staff absence across the school, both educational and administrative
  • Our teachers are reaching their limits in trying to teach in school, trying to teach on-line and covering the 50+ colleagues who are absent today. Quality learning both on-site and online is suffering.
  • The need to maintain overall school health in advance of the upcoming exam season (British, AP, Ministry) which impacts a vast number of students


Students will continue to follow their usual schedules for the coming week, and your child’s divisional leadership will send a separate communication to confirm online learning details.

This is an opportunity for the school and our community to reduce the impact of Covid 19 on and within our community. We strongly urge all parents, students and staff to adhere to the following guidance during this brief online learning period and the holiday weekend:

  • Avoid social gatherings (parties, play-dates, training, social activities within clubs, extended family gatherings, etc.)
  • Maintain social distancing and wear face masks at all times when outside your home

We thank the vast majority of students, parents and staff whose diligent attention to safety guidelines have helped to ensure our school has stayed safe up to this point. We are very proud of our response to Covid 19 this school year, but reluctantly feel that given the significant increase in cases in our community, we have been left with little option but to move the whole school online for the remainder of the week.

We are confident that this short period away from campus, combined with a diligent approach to health and safety by all of our community, will allow us to return to school on the 6th of April and maintain on-campus learning for the remainder of this term.

Kind Regards,

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet and Matt Topliss

School Directors and School Principals

AS and A2 Results Press Release January 2021 Examinations

El Alsson British International School students and staff are again celebrating an outstanding set of examination results.  Today we received our results for the January session of AS and A Levels.  We have had a year of extraordinary disruption, but El Alsson has not missed a single day of providing opportunities for students to learn.  These results show that our students have grasped every opportunity.  The results are a testament to the hard-work, dedication and perseverance of the students who worked tirelessly with the support of their teachers, tutors, parents and senior leaders in school.

In Year 12, 37 out of 56 students (66%) achieved at least one A grade. 25 students (47%), achieved only A grade results. Nine students achieved three A grades. Particular well done to:

  • Haneen Abualhassan
  • Danya Danish
  • Nazly Elashram
  • Hana Elsarky
  • Hana Zeid
  • Yasin Ghazaly
  • Mariam Mansour
  • Aly Sultan
  • Ahmed Zaghw

In Year 13, we offer particular congratulations to Yara Mahmoud, who took five exams and achieved 4 As and a B. Three Year 13s achieved three A grade passes, well done to:

  • Laila Ahmed
  • Aly Hariba
  • Youssef El Sherif

Principal of the British School, Mr Matt Topliss commented: “It is commendable that El Alsson students have achieved this remarkable set of results; the hard work, dedication and commitment of our students  has been recognised and rewarded. Given the circumstances in which these examinations were prepared for and undertaken, these results are outstanding. ”

We look forward to supporting our students as they prepare for their Spring Preparation Exams, End of course Evidence Exams and their Cambridge Board Exams. We welcome further conversations with students and parents in the coming days and weeks if they need any advice or guidance on any matter.

Well done to all our students!

Gareth Morgan, Head of British Secondary