(I)GCSE, (I)AS and (I)A2 Results 2023 Summary

El Alsson British International School students, staff and parents are celebrating our (I)GCSE, (I)AS and (I)A-Level examination results from the Summer 2023 session.


In what has been internationally recognised as the first ‘full’ year since the COVID pandemic gripped the world in 2020, our students were also measured against grade awarding boundaries that were set at a more challenging level as compared to 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Therefore, our norm-references for the Summer 2023 exam session grade boundaries take us back to 2018 and 2019.   Our Year 13 students were the first cohort to graduate from Alsson under the new local university entry criteria, therefore, having more progression routes available to them after completing school.

Our key headlines demonstrated strong outcomes for many of our students.  Even more impressive are the number of individual student successes, with the majority of students exceeding their target grades, and therefore achieving excellent personal outcomes!

At (I)A-Level, over ⅓ of grades were A*-A (27.2% in the UK), with A*-C grades achieved by Alsson graduates exceeding the UK average of 76% by 6%.  All students in our graduating class of 2023 are readying themselves to begin the next exciting stage of their educational journey!

Our Year 12 students completed the first half of their (I)A-Level courses and achieved 35% A-grades (A* grades are available only at A-Level, not AS).  We measure student progress in their outcomes between (I)GCSE and (I)A-Level by comparing the grades that they achieve with their ALPS (A-Level Performance System) Targets.  Our Year 12 students made considerable gains towards their ambitious targets, and many have set themselves strong foundations for (I)A-Level success at the end of Year 13.

Students finishing their (I)GCSE studies in Summer 2023 demonstrated continued resilience and determination to secure 37% A*-A grades.  We must commend our Mathematics department for securing 25 Grade 9s with 68% of all students exceeding their CAT4-derived target grades.  The (I)GCSE Mathematics headline outcomes were 63% A*-A (9-7), and 97% A*-C (9-4), with almost every student, on average, achieving nearly 1 whole (I)GCSE grade higher than their target.

We would like to put on record our sincere thanks to all teachers, support staff and parents who have played their part in supporting these 3 cohorts of students to achieve their outcomes in Summer 2023.  Over the coming days, we look forward to welcoming Year 11 and Year 12 students to re-enrol for the new academic year, for them to make a strong start to 2023-2024, and for another year of learning.

Assistant Headteacher, Ms Maggie Vallely commented “These three cohorts of students have overcome significant external challenges during key times in their secondary school careers.  We are incredibly proud of their resilience, determination and drive.  The graduating Class of 2023 are all preparing for the next step in their learning journey, and we wish them all the best for this new chapter.  We are looking forward to our incoming Year 12 and Year 13 classes taking up the mantle as the most senior students in the British School, and setting positive examples to inspire the younger children to achieve well.  Thank you to all colleagues, past and present, for their contributions to the journeys and outcomes of our students.”

Headteacher, Mr Parras Majithia commented: “Our sincere congratulations go to students and the staff team for achieving another excellent set of examination results.  During a year when significant external changes have once again impacted all children, we have continued to maintain positive outcomes, and foundations that support students to move forward in their educational journeys towards their desired goals.  This year’s results are proof positive that hard work, commitment and dedication does pay off, with many of our students achieving grades in excess of their targets through their tenacity and drive for success.  Our curriculum, pastoral, student support and administrative teams have worked tirelessly with all three cohorts of students who have received their results in recent weeks.  This input, coupled with the support and partnership with parents enables our students to have access to some of the best opportunities from an early age.  Thank you to all members of the community who have played their part in the success of our students.  We look forward to welcoming our Year 11s and Year 12s back to join us for Academic Year 2023-2024, and wish our Graduating Class of 2023 the very best as they step forward into their next chapter.  Well done!”

Uniform Shop additional opening dates

Dear Parents,

We are gladly announcing that the school Uniform Shop will be open on the following additional dates:

Saturday 26/08 From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday 02/09 From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday 09/09 From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

In addition to the above, it is open during weekdays daily from 8am to 3pm

Thank you

Primary and Elementary Stationery Supplies

Dear Parents,

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with Bakier Stationery shop for all school supplies for the year 2023/24. The ready to go supply list bags-by grade/year- will be available in all Bakier Stationery stores & online orders as well with 10% discount available for the entire academic year excluding ink, calculators, paper, luxury brands, school bags and flasks.

Kindly find below a list of Bakier’s branches…

1 – Mall of Arabia : Gate 17 6th of October city  0238260888

2 -Sheikh zayed : LeGenda Mall sheikh zayed  01065550131

3 – Mivida : Parcel 36 building D1 Mivida compound new Cairo  01030475559

4 – Maadi : 2 St .218,Degla 0225199088 – 0225211040

5 – Heliopolis : 25 Cleopatra St . Almaza 0224190410 – 0224190411

6 – Point 90 : Ground floor New Cairo 0225727266

7 – Concord : 334 Concord center mall 90th St. New Cairo 01091329992

The lists below are only for Early Years, Early Childhood, Primary and Elementary.

However, any back to school supplies bought from Bakier during this academic year will receive a 10% discount too given the above exclusions.

Links for the online lists on Bakier’s website

El-Alsson American School 2023-2024


El-Alsson British School 2023-2024



FS stationery lists

Key Stage 1 Stationery Lists

Key Stage 2 Stationery Lists

Preschool Stationery Lists

Pre K Stationery Lists

K Stationery Lists

Grade 1 Stationery List

Grade 2 Stationery List

Grade 3 Stationery List

Grade 4 Stationery List

Grade 5 Stationery List

Update on School Fees and Opening Dates 2023-2024

Dear Parents,

Hope you are having a good summer!

The purpose of this communication is to update you on the opening times and tuitions.

Regarding fees, as you may be well aware, with the ongoing governmental entities move to the new capital, a lot of decisions have been postponed, one of which is the ministry approval on next year’s fees. We are required to wait for this approval before we can inform you of any details, we remain committed to update you the soonest possible.

Secondly, opening dates, unfortunately, the exact dates are not yet confirmed, with speculations regarding potential delays, we are trying our best to keep the intended schedule intact in order for us to offer a full, well-structured academic year.

Our plan is as follows, BUT THIS HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED YET.

British School American School
Year Group 1st day Year Group 1st day
FS1 and FS2

(Group 1)*

Sunday September 3rd PS and PK (Group 1)* Sunday September 3rd
Year 1 / 3 / 5 Sunday September 3rd Grade 1 / 2  / 3 Sunday September 3rd
FS1 and FS2

(Group 2)*

Year 2 / 4 / 6

Monday September 4th Grade 6 / 11 / 12 Sunday September 3rd
Year 7 / 10 /12 Sunday September 3rd PS and PK (Group 2)* Monday September 4th
Year 11/13 Monday September 4th K and grade 4 / 5 Monday September 4th
Year 8 / 9 Tuesday September 5th Grade 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Monday September 4th


Please note: these are the dates of the first day when different year groups will be in school. Online meetings for parents, and pre-opening meetings of various groups of students and collecting timetables, books and checking schedules will be scheduled in the week before Sunday September 3rd. Details will be sent to you when we have opening confirmation from the Ministry.

*Group 1 and group 2 for PS, PreK and FS1, FS2. The youngsters will be divided into two groups and brought into the school on Sunday or Monday. Details will follow later.

Hope this helps, and we hope for a successful and happy new academic year.

Best wishes,

School directors and principals

Ramadan Hours

Dear Parents,

As Ramadan approaches we know that many of you will have questions about school timings during Ramadan. Please be advised that beginning the first day of Ramadan, the school day will be adjusted with lessons ending at 2:00 for students in G1-12/Yr2-13. The school day for students in PS/PK/K and FS1/FS2/Y1 will end at 1:30. School will start at the same time, 7:50, during Ramadan.

Further information about specific lesson arrangements for the school day for all grades/years will be sent to you via divisional offices in the coming days.

Wishing our El Alsson community a blessed month of Ramadan!


Kind Regards

Soumaya Amr, Colin Rogers, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet and Rodney Boswell

School Directors and Principals