GCSE, AS and A2 Art Exhibition

Below are samples of the brilliant works of art done by the GCSE, AS and A2 students. These are the whole of the students’ work for the year. The work is displayed along the corridors and areas in the British Senior School as well as both Art Studios. The moderator was highly impressed by the level of work that the students presented. #alssoniansandproud #alssonianartists

Ramadan Retro Opening Postponed to Sunday 26th

Dear parents,
Due to the severe high temperatures tomorrow which mark the peak of the heat wave, and since the show is scheduled to take place at 2.30pm, tawasol has decided to postpone tomorrow’s show to Sunday May 26th to ensure a good turnout of audience. Having said so, Saturday’s show will remain as is on the same day and same time. Hence…the opening will be Saturday 25th at 1pm followed by another show on Sunday 26th at 2.30 pm. We understand that this might be inconvenient for some, which is why we give the parents who bought tickets for tomorrow three choices…
1. To keep the ticket as is with same seating but for Sunday.
2. To change it to Saturday in any of the available seats.
3. If neither options work for you and you wish to get refunded, then you may also do so.

Thank you for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.

Break times Indoors tomorrow and after

Dear Parents,

Due to the extreme high temperatures tomorrow and after, please note that the junior schools will have their indoor break procedures in place over the next 2 days. Senior school students will also be provided with several indoor space options during break-times. If your child is not fasting, please make sure to send adequate amounts of water.

Thank You

Ramadan Retro 2 رمضان بتاع زمان

Get ready for a show to remember.. .a show taking you back to the old Ramadan days of Sherihan and Fatouta….the days of fawazeer and alf Leila we Leila…one magical hour of nostalgic folkloric magic while supporting tawasol to fulfill their dream and build a bigger school to serve the istabl antar area to educate the children there.
Tickets are now for sale at the admin reception with Hanan….100 LE a ticket…all proceeds go to tawasol

Tawasol NGO primary school provides free education to children in Istabl Antar, Ezzbet Khairalla and Batn el Baara informal settlements in Cairo. Students follow a high quality integrated curriculum certified by the Ministry of Education. They also focus on the development of the students’ talents through theater, choir, percussion and circus arts. Their vocational center enables children to learn a craft in parallel to their regular classes for a weekly incentive. With the constant increase in demand of their services the NGO managed to buy a bigger piece of land in the area to continue with the students until they graduate and to serve more families. Tawasol is raising funds to finish building the new school.

We are super excited to show the Alsson community this brilliant show performed by Tawasol Children.
High Quality products of Tawasol will be available for sale on both days.


New Giza Construction Update

Dear Parents,

With regards to the construction work for the new phase Kings-range and how it has negatively affected the atmosphere surrounding the school and caused a lot of red flags and concerns among parents. Please note that New Giza has decided to stop/ hold the earth-moving and soil preparation works at staring tomorrow morning and till the end of June 2019, this is to minimize the dust at the schools zone and mainly for the well-being and safety of the students.

Thank you and have a blessed Ramadan

Y8 Trip to France

During their trip to France during the Easter holiday, Y8 students enjoyed a full week of French culture eating croissants everyday, visiting touristic sites such as the Eiffel Tower, using the metro, visiting a medieval castle and museums and making new friends as they spent a day in a French school. In a nutshell: a busy and enjoyable trip with a cultural flair.