NewGiza Club Sports Trainings @El Alsson

Dear El Alsson Parents,

The school has recently commenced its sporting partnership with New Giza Sports Club. New Giza Sports Club is offering a wide variety of sports and activities on our site after official school hours and many of our students are taking part in these sports. No sports practices will start before 4pm, and NewGiza coaches are expected to arrive by 3:30 PM.
So from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, if some of the El Alsson students will remain in school; there will be no El Alsson staff present to look after these students.

Our students will be expected to spend this time in the upper section of the Sports Hall where the Beano’s café is situated. They are not allowed to be elsewhere in the school. We have our regular matrons in their designated spots all over the Sports Hall, one of which is the Beano’s Café. They will be there up to 4:00 PM.
With regards to transportation, parents are expected to arrange transport to and from School for the trainings. The school will not be providing buses.

Please find below the Schedule and prices of each sport – these prices are exclusive to El Alsson Students (whether or not they are members of the club) and they are the same prices offered to NGSC members. Priority for these trainings goes to Alssonians.

Please note the below contact numbers for more information:

  • Fox Swimming Academy 01110447788
    • Basketball & Archery 01060077347
    • Gymnastics 01022005249 or 01007953085
    Sports General Info 01060077341

For any complaints, please call MEMBERS EXPERIENCE OFFICE
Office Number: 010 6007 7316

Below are the schedules of the Sports offered.




New Students for 2020/2021

Dear Parents,
We will be starting the registration process for next year soon. If you would like to apply for a place for your child’s brother or sister, please fill and submit the below registration slip no later than 17 Nov 2019. This Registration Slip is not an application and does not guarantee a place.
The next step is to fill an online application starting 20 Nov 2019 & submit the following documents:
1- Original computerized birth certificate (recently issued)
2- ( 4 ) passport sized photographs of your child
(the above documents are obligatory to start processing the application)
3- Nursery Report/the latest School Report
We regret that we cannot start processing the application without the required documents.
You may also wish to attend our 1st Open Day on 25th of Nov 2019

Please view our website for the timings & schedules of all Open Days

Please print and fill the form below and submit to the school’s registrar department.

Individual Music Classes – Details reposted

Dear Parents

This is the start of an another exciting year for music at El Alsson. As part of our Music programme, we are delighted to be able to offer individual music lessons to your child. We hope that you and your child’s love of music grows over the course of this year and they consider trying out individual instrument lessons.

I am delighted to tell you that I have managed to secure some fantastic teachers, most of which are leading performers in the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and teaching at the Cairo Music Conservatoire, who have been trained abroad with full qualifications. The education your child would receive will be of the highest quality.


In 2019/20 we are offering the following individual, one to one, instrument lessons following both Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music & Trinity College of Music examination board.

Students wanting to take examinations on Guitar and Drums can opt for a qualification from Rock School.


Violin- Cello

Flute- Clarinet- Saxophone

Trumpet- Trombone

Acoustic Guitar- Electric Guitar-Bass Guitar



In order to secure a place please Click Here for the google form where you can select the instrument/s you would like to study

Lessons will be held over ten weeks each term. Lessons will be timetabled on a rotational basis to avoid students being withdrawn from the same school lesson more than once per term. Once teachers have contacted parents and confirmed the lessons, lesson times will be confirmed on the notice board in the Performing Arts Centre and outside the Music rooms in both schools.


This year, the school has a range of instruments that can be loaned out to pupils for a small charge on a first come first served basis. Instruments can be used for up to two full terms. After a period of two terms, parents and pupils should make a decision to acquire their own instrument should they wish to continue further study. Pianos and drum kits are not available for hire. If any damages occur to hired instruments students and their families will be held financially responsible.


The total cost of each 30 minute, 1-1 lesson will be in the region of 300-370LE (including hire fee) per week.

The fees are payable in advance upon receipt of the invoice.


Attendance is compulsory for Individual Instrumental Lessons. If a pupil is going to be absent, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the school and music teacher are notified at least 12 hours in advance. An email on the

day of the lesson is not enough notice. Failure to notify the teacher will result in the student being charged for the missed lesson.

If a pupil is absent due to illness, parents must please notify the Director of Performing Arts, Mr Phillip Bailey ( or the Head of Music for British and American schools Mrs Louisa Bailey ( who will inform the relevant music teacher. Failure to do so will result in the lesson being recorded as missed and the teacher concerned will not be obliged to make up the lesson.

Should parents and pupils decide to discontinue lessons, the school should be notified in writing, giving one terms notice.

Pupils must bring their student planners or learning journals to all instrumental lessons so that the teacher concerned can assist in monitoring potential clashes with the class tests. Lessons missed due to compulsory school activities and teacher absence will be made up by the teacher concerned.


  • Lessons take place in the Performing Arts Centre or in the small music rooms in each school building

Students are expected to leave their classroom lessons five minutes before their lessons so they are able to receive their full lesson allocation.

  • In order to make adequate progress, it is strongly recommended that pupils practice their instrument for a minimum of twenty minutes per day.
  • Parents are encouraged to organise a suitable practice time as part of their child’s regular homework


  • It is expected that parents will support their children in their effort to practice.
  • The individual music teacher will contact parents to organize the lesson timetable and any other requirements.
  • All instrumental music pupiIs may be issued with a music practice diary at the start of the term, depending on the preference of the teacher. Parents are requested to monitor and sign these practice diaries every week.

If you have any inquiries about the individual instrument lessons here at El Alsson, please do not hesitate to contact me at or

Kind regards

Phillip Bailey

Director of Performing Arts