November 14, 2019

NewGiza Club Sports Trainings @El Alsson

Dear El Alsson Parents,

The school has recently commenced its sporting partnership with New Giza Sports Club. New Giza Sports Club is offering a wide variety of sports and activities on our site after official school hours and many of our students are taking part in these sports. No sports practices will start before 4pm, and NewGiza coaches are expected to arrive by 3:30 PM.
So from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, if some of the El Alsson students will remain in school; there will be no El Alsson staff present to look after these students.

Our students will be expected to spend this time in the upper section of the Sports Hall where the Beano’s café is situated. They are not allowed to be elsewhere in the school. We have our regular matrons in their designated spots all over the Sports Hall, one of which is the Beano’s Café. They will be there up to 4:00 PM.
With regards to transportation, parents are expected to arrange transport to and from School for the trainings. The school will not be providing buses.

Please find below the Schedule and prices of each sport – these prices are exclusive to El Alsson Students (whether or not they are members of the club) and they are the same prices offered to NGSC members. Priority for these trainings goes to Alssonians.

Please note the below contact numbers for more information:

  • Fox Swimming Academy 01110447788
    • Basketball & Archery 01060077347
    • Gymnastics 01022005249 or 01007953085
    Sports General Info 01060077341

For any complaints, please call MEMBERS EXPERIENCE OFFICE
Office Number: 010 6007 7316

Below are the schedules of the Sports offered.



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