April 26, 2017

AP Exam Schedule and Requirements

AP Exam Schedule and Requirements
WEEK 1 – Monday May 1st to Friday May 5th:
AP Chemistry Monday May 1st (Labor Day) at 8:00AM
AP Psychology Monday May 1st (Labor Day) at 12:00PM

AP Physics 1 Tuesday May 2nd at 12:00PM

AP English Literature and Composition Wednesday May 3rd at 8:00AM

AP Computer Science Principles Exam Friday May 5th at 12:00PM
*AP Computer Science Tasks should be submitted by April 30th.
*AP Studio Art – students should have submitted portfolios by May 5th.

WEEK 2 – Monday May 8th to Friday May 12th:
AP Calculus A/B Tuesday May 9th at 8:00AM
AP French Language and Composition May 9th at 12:00PM

AP English Language and Composition Wednesday May 10th at 8:00AM
AP Macroeconomics Wednesday May 10th at 12:00PM

AP Microeconomics Friday May 12th at 8:00AM

NOTE: Students must be in school 15 minutes before the start of exam time. All phones and electronic devices will be left outside of the testing room. Graphing calculators are required for some parts of the Calculus A/B exam. A scientific or graphing calculator is recommended for part of the Chemistry exam. Physics 1 requires four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator for sections I and II and a ruler. Students should bring: several No. 2 pencils, pens with black or blue ink, a watch, and an appropriate calculator (see above).

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