March 29, 2017

Y8 France Trip IMPORTANT Documents

Dear Parents,

The date for our trip is fast approaching and I’d like give you the final important details.

Your child has been given a code of conduct contract to be signed by you and your child by Sunday 2nd April. Can you please read it with your child, discuss it with him/her and make sure that he/she understands the need for a high standard of behaviour throughout the whole trip. Their safety depends on them too. We rely on your understanding and full support to our decisions in case of misbehaviour.

Flights’ details:

Friday 7th April    Departure Cairo              00:30      Arrival Paris 05:30  Terminal 2E  Flight AF 567

Students must be at Terminal 2 at 21:45. (The new terminal is next to Terminal 3). We will be unable to wait for late comers as we need to check-in as a group so please be punctual.

Thursday 13th April    Departure Paris       14:30      Arrival Cairo 18:55  Terminal 1 Flight AF 570

You should arrange to collect your child by 20:15 Terminal 2

As we will be taking a domestic flight to Marseille, it is imperative that we travel light: 1 hand luggage (backpack) and 1 suitcase (max 23KG).

Students will be accompanied by 4 teachers: Ms Julie, Mr Hamadi, Mr Steve and myself

We will have a French phone number 00786 148 032.

We can then be contacted ONLY in case of emergency. Please do not call in case your child has been punished for any of the reasons mentioned in the code of conduct contract.

However there will be a Whats’app group for parents (as there is one for students) where we will update you daily (in the evening as we won’t have an internet connection during the day).

Pocket Money:

Please give the pocket money to the teacher in charge of your child in Euros (no 500 Euro notes please) in an envelope and label it with your child’s name and the amount. Please do so during the week prior to departure as we won’t have enough time at the airport. The money will be kept by teachers in a safe in the hostel during the trip.

What to bring:

Make sure they bring comfortable footwear, waterproof and warm clothing as it can still be a bit cold and rainy in France in April. You can follow the weather forecast on

Any necessary prescribed medication.

Do not bring speakers but headphones are allowed.

All students have a travel insurance included in the package. However if you have a private insurance or any other kind of insurance i.e. the one offered by TLS contact centre, could you please send us a copy of the certificate.

You’ll find on the school website a presentation of our trip. We hope your child will enjoy their trip.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Fabienne Rodriguez

Please click here to view full presentation with detailed itinerary.

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