March 29, 2017

KS4-5 Parents’ Evening Reminder

Dear Parents

A reminder about KS4 and 5 Parents’ Evening next Tuesday 4th April, from 3.30pm – 6pm. All students now have an appointment sheet, please do liaise with them the times you would prefer.

This Thursday afternoon, your child will be issued with their March Report, this will include their current grade and overall performance.

For parents of Year 11, 12 and 13, this will be the last opportunity to speak to subject teachers before students embark on study leave, which is closely followed by the start of the GCSE and A Level exams. We do hope you are able to attend this evening to gain valuable feedback from teachers in order to support your child’s revision.

Ms Julie Clarke and Mr James Bannister will be available for all Key Stage 4 inquiries and both myself and Ms Sade Singh will be available for Key Stage 5.

On behalf of the team, we very much look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

Kind regards

Jennifer Burnett

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