In Key Stage 3, students study English, Mathematics, Science, French, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Performing Arts and Physical Education. Egyptian students also study Arabic, Religion and National Social Studies, in preparation for the Ibtediya and Adadiya examinations. Arabic as a Second Language courses are followed by foreign students. More detail about the curriculum for individual subjects can be found at Key Stage 3 curriculum online.

Year 7 Annual Academic Calendar

Year 8 Annual Academic Calendar

Year 9 Annual Academic Calendar

Assessment and Reporting

Each subject is assessed currently assessed using the National Curriculum levels as a Guide. As National Curriculum levels no longer exist, our assessment criteria has been reviewed so that it is in line with the KS3 Program Of Study.  These Levels are linked to subject skills and knowledge. Teachers use different forms of assessment throughout the year to measure and assess students’ progress. Parents are informed of student’s progress on four occasions during the year in two ‘short reports’, which contain Levels and Targets and information about effort, homework and behaviour, and two ‘long reports’ which also provide written information about achievement and how to meet targets.

Students are also assessed in Year 7 and Year 9 using computer generated GL Assessment baseline test and GL Progress tests for Maths, Science and English. The assessments are standardised with students from schools in the UK and around the world, and give teachers information about student’s ability and skills rather than simply content knowledge.



General information

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Information about school expectations, equipment and uniform can be found in the Yrs 7-13 student and parent handbook.

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In Year 9, students and their parents are given counseling in order to choose the most appropriate GCSE courses to follow in preparation for their future entry into universities. The school has minimum requirements for progression from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4, which can be found in the KS2-KS3 School progression policy.