Being a member of the Student Council enables students to become involved in the life of the school life as representatives of the wider student body: students who choose to become part of the Student Council do so through a desire to help share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and the Principal. In addition, active involvement with the Student Council provides opportunities for students to experience leadership, democracy and the process of participating within an organization.
Student Council members can become involved in the leadership of community projects aimed at raising awareness within the school community of ongoing needs or the organization of social events. Students can also work with the school’s leadership in the process of reform, providing a student voice when change is being planned or implemented. Through these, Student Council members can learn skills beyond the ‘regular’ education, while working for the benefit of the school and their fellow students.
El Alsson currently has two separate Student Councils – one for each of the American and British senior schools. Senior students (Grades 11 and 12 or the Sixth Form) interested in positions within the Student Council, are asked to apply in early September to their relevant Student Affairs Manager/Assistant Principal. Once nominations are recieved, the body of senior students then vote to elect a President, Vice-President, and Committee members.