February 28, 2020

Corona Virus Precautions

Dear Parents,
We have just received a notice from BSME (the British Schools of the Middle East Association) who had planned a regional sporting event for our younger students and their annual schools conference next week in Abu Dahbi that the two events are now cancelled. You may have heard that the UAE International Cycling event is also cancelled as 2 of the competitors have tested positive for Cononavirus. Unfortunately, BSME were planning their events in the same hotel. During the half term holiday, there have been many developments all over the world. Like you, we have been watching carefully and trying to make rational, measured decisions. So far:

  • The school will open as normal on Sunday.
  •  The school has been cleaned and disinfected most carefully during the vacation including all air-filters in air-conditioning. We’ll try very hard to keep it that way.
  • We will be reviewing all of our up-coming overseas trips. As and when we make decisions they will be based on WHO advice and common sense and whatever directives we receive from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.
  •  We will constantly emphasise to the children the need to wash hands, be careful if sneezing or coughing and teachers will immediately refer any child they are concerned about to the clinic which has isolation facilities. In school, this week and for the coming weeks, we will be regularly checking the children’s temperatures and especially any who have recently been abroad. The schools has well-resourced, large clinics in the main administration building and Sports Hall.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you think your child is unwell, has a temperature and flu symptoms, please keep them at home and contact your doctor AND LET US KNOW. As a school, children, parents, teachers and management, many of us together, have been through similar difficult times before and we managed and made the right decisions. We did it sensibly, and always worked in the best interest of the children. We’ll do it again.

With all best wishes,
Allison Fleet, Matt Topliss, Karim Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Colin Rogers.
Principals and Directors.

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