February 13, 2020

Tik Tok Tripping Prank WARNING

Dear Parents,

We are aware of various videos circulating via social media from students in schools around Egypt, including El Alsson, showing one or two students tripping another student causing the student to fall on his/her back/head or front/face.  You will appreciate our concern about this as a highly risky behavior.  Behaviors such as this, which sadly some students find to be funny, run a very high risk of causing serious injury to the student who falls including head, face and spinal injuries.

Our leadership and teachers have spoken to all students about the dangers of intentionally tripping their peers causing someone to fall. Please support us and the safety of all children by taking the time to speak to your child about the dangers of this activity and the importance of reporting anyone seen intentionally tripping other students to their teacher or school leadership.

Students have been cautioned that any student(s) to be found engaging in such activity on our school campus or in our school uniform will be dealt to the maximum of severity of our behavioral policies.

Kind Regards,

The El Alsson School Leadership


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