December 16, 2015

Welcome to the New PSA 2015-2016

We would like to congratulate our new members of the Parent School Association (PSA) for the academic year 2015-2016. Please take a moment to find out which representative is responsible for the section your child is in, as well as her/his email address in case you want to reach out to her/him. PSA 2015-2016 Representatives:

Ms. Nahla Samaha & Ms. Nadine Beshr Kenawy co-representing Early Years, and 

Ms. Fatemah Farag representing Key Stage 2 –

Ms. Eman Hany representing Key Stage 3 –

Ms. Amira Shereif representing Elementary School –

Mr. Mohamed Madih representing Middle School –

Ms. Amira Nour representing High School –

KS4/5 : No representative

If you are a parent with students in Key Stage 4/5 (Y10-Y13) and are interested to join our PSA 2015-2016, please complete an online application on


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