October 24, 2017

Varsity Football Tournament for Boys and Girls

On Friday 20th October our U19 boys and Girls Football teams took part in the first competition for their generation this year. Both teams played a good level of Football impressing everyone with their quality performance. Both teams were good ambassadors and maintained high level of sportsmanship. Well done to the boys team who won their tournament after winning the first three games and before playing the final game. Girls won the tournament winning all three games. Special well done to Laila Farid for her football quality and for scoring a world class goal. Another special well done to Youssef wally for saving few one to one attempts receiving only one goal, Abdel Rahman Issa and Omar fahmy for their outstanding effort during the day. El Alsson will always be proud of such talented group of Athletes. Thanks for Miss Inas for coaching the girls teams.


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