May 6, 2015

Transcript and Diploma stamping information for Grade 12

Dear Grade 12 Parents,


AdvancED/NCA CASI, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Supreme Council for Higher Education and the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau (ECEB), require that original transcripts and diplomas be stamped with AdvancED- NCA CASI and ECEB stamps of approval. Please note that Egyptian universities will not accept transcripts or diplomas that have not been stamped.

  • We now need you to determine the number of original transcripts and diplomas you will require.
  • You are responsible for payment to each AdvancED-NCA CASI and ECEB for stamping fees as listed below:


  1. AdvancED:    $US50 for each Transcript and $US50 for each Diploma
  2. ECEB             $US30 for each Transcript and $US30 for each Diploma


Please find an example below:




Please note, the Ministry of Education in Egypt also requires transcripts to be stamped. The cost of stamping per transcript is LE200. Students enrolling in AUC do not require the Ministry of Education stamp. However, if students are undecided on which university they are entering, then its best, as a precautionary measure, to pay the additional LE200, also to the Accounts Office, and stamp their transcripts.

Please indicate the number of original transcripts and diplomas you require in the table on the next page. We advise you to request a minimum of two transcripts and two diplomas. Payment must be in US dollars, and is made at the Accounts Office in the Primary building. The deadline for payment is Thursday, May 7th, 2015


You will be notified as to when to collect the documents once they are returned from the USA, which is likely to be towards the end of July, middle of August.



Helen Somerville

Assistant Principal High School


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