November 18, 2018

The British Primary School SRC Induction

Our British Primary School Student Representative Council for 2018/2019 was inducted in a special assembly on 8th November. Parents were invited in to enjoy this special ceremony where students received their badges and read an oath. Mr Karim and Mr Colin attended the event as special guests. Mr Peter will be working with the Student Representative Council this year. We wish the students all the best in their new leadership roles in our school.


Hana Shabayek 6E – Ismail Raghib 6A – Salma Youssef 6A – Selim El Kafrawy 6C – Sophia ElFar 5A – Adham Badr 5A – Karma Dacres 4A – Yassin Hamza 4A – Tala AbdulKader 3E and Taha Aboul Nour 3G


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