September 2, 2019

New amended Traffic Flow to/from El Alsson NG

Dear Parents,

Since we have all experienced how the initial suggested traffic flow proved unsuccessful this morning, both Lycee Albert/Evolution and ourselves met and will implement a new traffic flow effective tomorrow September 3rd. Please find it below. Please bear with us as there may still be some fine tuning needed.

  • All cars for El Alsson only will enter from the road leading to gate 1. (Buses will use the buses road)
  • All Lycee/Evolution cars will enter from their other road.
  • Unfortunately…No student, parent or staff member can enter from Gates 1, 2 and 3
  • Drop offs and pickups for students by car is from Gate 4
  • Drop offs and pickups for students by bus is from Gate 6
  • The entire El Alsson flow is going clockwise in one way roads from gate 1 to gate 7
  • The Lycee/Evolution flow is going anti clockwise.
  • The only two way portion of the road is the portion leading to NG club.
  • If you want to take Palm Hills Road or Andrea road, then our advice is to exit from buses road (yet please drive slowly and carefully on this road to ensure safety of the bus children)

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation

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