January 30, 2020

Glow at El Alsson School as of Sunday Feb. 2nd

The Glow Concept

A brand developed by health and nutrition experts designed to make you Glow!

Glow’s core values set the standard for a truly unique product in the juicing/healthy snacks world. Creating recipes and operating standards around these core principles has guided Glow to develop the best smoothies, juices and snacks on the market. Glow invests in the best ingredients, materials and equipment to provide the highest quality juice available.

Glow is founded on a groundwork that values health, plant based, local, sustainable, zero waste (as much as possible) education, and affordability.

The Glow Story

A healthy food oriented company co-founded by health coach Amina Rashad and a group of experts in the food business, sales and customer service, marketing and branding, and information technology.

All of us at Glow believe in serving healthy food options to our clients that taste delicious and make them feel good while experiencing benefits to their health.

We started in January 2017 when Amina, as a health coach and expert, taught her clients how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare their meals and plan for them. She taught them different theories of nutrition and how to choose among them what suits them best and follow it. She noticed how busy her clients were and their inability to plan and prepare meals for themselves on a daily basis. Most people nowadays, whether employed, students, or stay at home mothers, are running around constantly getting things done and time is always a constraint.

Amina and Glow team decided to design an offering that would help people get a healthy delicious snack or meal, freshly made, and delivered at their doorstep anywhere across Cairo, to give them that boost they need throughout their long day.

Today we are excited to announce that the Glow Tricycle will be available in our Senior School Plaza next to the British Staffroom as of Sunday February 2nd on-wards.

Please note that some products contain nuts.


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