June 25, 2018

El Alsson School Uniform Shop

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to inform you that as of mid-August 2018, El Alsson School NewGiza will have the Uniform Shop on campus. It will be located in a dark Grey Kiosk to the left of the admin building whereby you can come in during school hours to purchase your child’s uniform items on the spot.

The uniform will remain the same ( blue trousers or shorts, yellow and/or blue tops / royal blue for the little ones and navy blue for the older ones) However, we are delighted to add a few additional items to add a more modern, comfortable and stylish flair to our look. These items include little royal blue skorts for the little girls (Yes, the skort is a skirt and a short combined), P.E. Yoga pants for big girls, a unisex cool track pants for P.E., an Adidas looking cotton short for P.E. as well as long sleeved P.E. shirts. We are also introducing navy blue Bermuda shorts for big boys and girls as a test ( per order only) and comfy hoodies with front pockets for winter.

Please note that:

  • Any student can and will be allowed to attend with their already purchased school uniform.
  • The School Uniform Shop on Mossadaq street will remain open for the month of August and you are free to buy your uniform from there if you wish. They are already offering discounts on many items.

Hoping you will love the idea and wishing you all a fabulous summer break.

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