August 31, 2020

El Alsson Reopening Details August 31st 2020

Dear Parents,

Please find below further re-opening details.  You will receive additional communications from your child’s respective school division towards the end of this week outlining any times your child is scheduled to attend either on-campus or online orientations, or when parent orientations are being held for parents of our younger students.


We understand that some of you are experiencing difficulty opening the form links in our re-opening communication sent earlier today. Please find the links again below.

If your 12:50 finishing time Early Childhood/Early Years child will use our Late Service for car children who leave school with older siblings at 1:50, please complete this form:

If your child in the Junior School goes home by car with a student in the Senior School at the end of the day, please complete this form once for each of your Junior School aged children.

Kind Regards,

Reopening Details August 31st 2020


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