November 4, 2018

Car Children Procedures

Dear Parents,

Since the move to NewGiza, the number of car children has increased substantially. To ensure the safety of your children we have decided to introduce a new system for car students which we will implement from Sunday, 4th November.

• Each car student (Primary/Elementary) is to have a car permit with a photo whereby no one can come and pick up the child without a card – yes, even if it is the mother or the father.
• If it is an emergency, and you can’t give the card to someone else, we will still keep the phone-in system and/or email where you contact the secretaries in charge of your child’s section and they issue a note to your child – before 1 pm.
At the end of the day, car students will gather on the primary plaza, next to the admin building. Students will be separated into British school and American school groups. To collect a child, parents are invited to come to the wire gate and show the car permit. There will be an American staff member on one side of the gate and a British staff member on the other side. Children will be seated until called to come to the gate to be collected by the person showing the car permit.

We would like to ensure a good flow of children and parents leaving in an orderly fashion. Would you please help us with this new system by following teacher directions on the day?

We have printed and laminated three cards per student (enclosed with this letter) so that each of the parents and perhaps the driver can have a card for pick up. In case you want to order more cards and if you lose them, you can always email to print more for you.

We have to be careful these days so we really appreciate your full support to apply and enforce the new system.

Your patience and kindness with our gate security personnel is also appreciated.

Thanking you in advance

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