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What is the difference between the British and American Systems?

This is quite a broad and general question that requires more details. The best way is to either attend one of our Open Days where we explain the differences between them and offer tours in both schools. Or you will need to set appointments with members of our educational managers to get a better understanding.

How old does my child need to be to enter School?

Your child needs to have turned 3 by October 1st of the year he starts if you are interested in FS1 (British) or Pre S (American) which are both equivalent to nursery classes.

Your child needs to have turned 4 by October 1st of the year he starts if you are interested to join FS2 (British) or Pre K (American).


What if the online application does not work and I cannot come to the school?

On the same page on the online application, there is a downloadable PDF format application that you can save, print and fill. Once you fill it, either attach it along with the required document in an email to or if you manage, come by in person and submit it at school.

If I do not have the school report, will that affect my acceptance at El Alsson?

It will not affect the processing of your application but you will not be offered a place at El Alsson unless the report is submitted.

What documents do I need to apply?

You need 4 recent passport size photos for your child, an original birth certificate, photocopies of both parents’ ids and if available, the most recent nursery or school report.

Do I have to come to the Open Day or can I come any day to apply?

If you wish to take a tour of the school and attend a presentation about the British and American schools, the Open Day is a must. If not, then yes you can apply online any day with no tour.

After I fill an online application, what do I do?

One of the members of the registrar department will get in touch with you within a few days to schedule you for an assessment or to request more documents. If no one doesn’t get in touch with you, then kindly email them on with your inquiry and application number.

How do I know the application went through?

If the application went through, you will see a message on the computer screen that the application was successfully submitted along with your application number. Please keep this application number handy for facilitation of further inquiries with our registrar department.

I filled an online application and it does not want to go though?

You probably missed a question or more and have not answered them or you may have missed one or more of the required attachments. If you are sure you answered all required fields and an error keeps coming up, then please email our IT coordinator Mrs. Marwa on

When will the American Early Childhood Department Launch?

It will launch September 2017 accommodating children applying to Pre-school, Pre K and K (3,4 and 5 years old)

Can I apply to El Alsson online?

Yes you can. Please click on the online application under the admissions tab on the main home page of our website or just click here

When does the admissions season start?

El Alsson’s admissions season start by November of the academic year before. ie if you want to apply for school for September 2020, you need to apply starting November 2019

We carry Open Days throughout the year. Open Days take place on certain dates at 10 am and 12noon. It gives you the chance to take a tour of the school, ask as many questions to our staff and apply for the new academic year.

How many children are in a class?

The maximum allowed is 24. However in FS1 and Pre S classes, the maximum number in class is 15.