September 6, 2021

Bus Parents Communication 6.9.21

Dear Parents,

As the start of the school year draws near, we wanted to provide you with some bus transport information as your child is registered to use a school bus.

Please be advised of the following points:

Late Buses for EC/EY Students: We are unable to allow students on the 1:35 EC/EY buses to travel home on 2:35 buses with older siblings. Excepts are made only in the case where we do not provide a 1:35 bus service to the child’s location. It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for 1:35 bus students to be received at their bus stop in the afternoon.

Bus Changes: Bus changes are not permitted except in the case of significant emergency, and at the discretion of the Operations Manager. Please note that doctors appointments or desire for a child to go to visit with relatives or friends, amongst other things, are not considered to be emergencies.

Bus Changes for Club Training: Bus changes for students who attend sports club training may be approved upon a request to the Operations Manager and receipt of an official letter from the club. Please note that such requests will be approved on a first-come first-serve basis and only be approved if there is sufficient space on the bus required. Any approved changes for club training will only take effect beginning October 3rd. Parents are advised to submit their requests as soon as possible for processing.

Address Changes: Any parent whose child has changed address since last year, or who plans to change address within the academic year, is advised to alert the Operations Manager before the first day of school.

Bus App: Please note that all the bus info is available on the school’s bus app.

Prior to the start of school, we kindly ask that you discuss our bus rules with your child. Further school-wide communications will also provide reminders as to bus health and safety processes.

Kind Regards,

Ahmed Mattar

Operations Manager

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