September 15, 2020

A Thank You Message to All

Dear Parents,

The re-opening of the school has gone well! We are particularly grateful to you all as parents, for your patience in following and supporting all the new rules and systems, and in particular for your politeness and cooperation with the new car parking systems. We now have more than 1000 children arriving by car which is a ‘challenge’ for any school, let alone a school serviced by a half completed road and a roller coaster entrance! By the way, our special thanks goes to Mo Tantawi, Head of the Parents’ Council who has been there daily, helping with the traffic. He’s thinking about a career change!!

We are re-working the ‘traffic’ video we sent last week in Arabic. We hope you can show this to your drivers and ask them, please, please, follow the system! The only problem we have had is some drivers wanting to do things their own way!

We would also like to thank you for the many complementary messages you sent us about the new parking system and how well the school seems to be prepared. We are learning everyday, but fortunately so far, there has been nothing major and all the small things we have discovered have been fixed.

By the end of the week, all the children will be back, all of them attending everyday and we hope very sincerely, as you do, that this is the end of on-line learning. Your children need a ‘normal existence’, you need to stop being substitute teachers and for many of you, you need to get back to work without worrying about what your children are doing!

It is very difficult to assess the impact on the children being away from school for 6½ months. We are watching carefully and we would ask you to do the same; if there is anything that concerns you about your child, please, please talk to us so we can help and work together. This is so important.

It is indeed time to get back to the (new) ‘normal’.

With all our best wishes,

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet, Matt Topliss, the Senior Management teams, and all the Teachers and support staff

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