March 15, 2016

Update on NEWGIZA

Dear parents 

We have just had a PSA meeting and thought it is best we make a statement to reassure you on some of the questions and facts about the NEWGIZA status since there are many rumors going around as well as numerous phone calls and emails..


  1. A couple of months ago NEWGIZA had its land frozen due to a dispute on land price between the government original price versus the suggested price, this lead to major delays on some projects, including our new relocation project. Since then they have been monitoring the situation and sorting the dispute out.
  2. Recently 2 days ago on media and newspapers it was announced that they have finalized their dispute by paying the difference and now the seizure of land has been lifted and they are now free to function as normal, which is great news.
  3. There are rumors that El Alsson is not longer moving to NEWGIZA, this is not true.  There are rumors that El Alsson has not received its licenses, again this is not true.
  4. El Alsson project started  6 months ago and then was on hold for the last couple of months till the dispute resolved, this has caused delays in our construction time. We are revisiting the time frames with NEWGIZA construction team and contractors  for September 2017.
  5. If the time schedule suggested by NEWGIZA construction team and contractors is too tight, then we would have to postpone the opening time. We are in the midst of review and will let you now once finalized.


Thank you

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