August 18, 2020

School will start on September 15th

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, we are sure many of you heard the announcement from the Ministry that International schools are not allowed to open until September 15th.

There seems to be some debate about exactly what the new decision is saying so let’s keep it simple as far as we understand it:

• As of today, we will open the school on September 15th as required by the Ministry of Education.

• Previously we had planned to open on September 6th.

So, our new adjusted plan is as follows.

• If we had opened as planned on 6th September, we would have spent time during that first week doing necessary ‘administrative’ work with parents and students. These issues include parent orientations, parent handbooks, student handbooks and lots of small sessions we were planning to do with students about how the school now works, what they have to understand, and what we expect of them.

• So as we are opening a week later, what we plan to do is to start dealing with all these issues on-line from September 6th and doing some curriculum overviews with older children, so when students come in on September 15th , we will have used the time as best as we can and we should be able to focus just on teaching from day one.

You will get detailed schedules soon along with more information on how the school is going to work in September.

Best wishes,
Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet and Matt Topliss.
Directors and Principals.

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