The Parent School Association for is made up of parents, teachers and managers. Each part of the school has a representative then there are two teachers, the two Head Teachers and three Directors.

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How the PSA works………(Parent School Association)

Who is on the committee of the Parent School Association?
The Association is made up of 15 parents, teachers and managers. Each part of the school has two parents’ representatives then there are two teachers, the two Head Teachers and three Directors.



What does the PSA do?
The main aims of the PSA are to contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life (academic, moral values, sports, culture, extracurricular activities, equipment and organization) and to ensure good relations between parents and the school.
The committee holds a monthly meeting. Both the parent and school members will use these meetings to exchange information and ideas. Parent members are also there to listen to other parents in their child’s section of the school and represent their concerns and inquiries when necessary, and also represent the school to parents and make sure they have clear and accurate information.

How is the PSA managed?

By a constitution which you can find on our website. Parents and teachers will elect the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

What will the parent committee members do?
Parent members will be involved in understanding and supporting the school. Their opinions and advice will be listened to as part of our school improvement process. Parent members will help in a variety of ways:
• By encouraging the parent/school partnership for educating the children.
• By talking to other parents and encouraging them to work with us if they have worries or difficulties.
• By finding and encouraging parents to be involved in big and small school activities.
• By helping to run parenting workshops.
• By bringing more serious parent concerns to the school management.
• By co-opting ‘experts’ that can advise the school.
• By chairing sub-committees to work on specific projects.
• By doing ‘fun stuff’ for parents and children and fund-raising for special projects.

How do parent members communicate with ‘their’ parents?
Parent members will have an El Alsson email box and the group emails of parents in their section of the school.

How are the elections run?
You can vote with the email address you have given us and both parents may vote. You vote for the section your child is in. If you have not given us an email address or it has changed or is not up to date, please send a mail to saying ‘this is my updated email’ with your name and your child’s name and class. We will put it into our system.
Please contact us on , phone or drop in if you have any questions. We are very keen to make this work and set up a good association.

Please take the time to read the PSA Constitution below or click here if you cannot view the embedded version below.