Mrs. Soumaya Amr

School Director

Mr. Colin Rogers

School Director

Karim Rogers

Executive Director

Karim is an alumni of El Alsson class of 1998. He then went on to do his bachelor’s degree in economics from AUC and graduated class of 2002. Karim started his career as a banker in Citibank for two years and then became business accounts head for a further year.  After that Karim joined the family business in 2004, overlooking the daily operations, management and developments  for El Alsson School and sister adult language school International House Cairo. Karim went on to do his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management and received it with distinction from University College London in 2015.

Karim serves and sits on many boards

  • Karim is Vice Chairman and board member in NewGiza Education Company
  • Head of the education committee for the Egyptian Junior Business association –EJB
  • Founding member and executive member for the Foundation of International Schools Egypt – F.I.S.E
  • Founding member for International Schools Committee Egypt  –ISCE
  • Member in the American chamber of commerce  and it’s the Educational committee – AMCHAM
  • Member in the British Egyptian Business Association –BEBA
  • Member in the British Embassy UK Trade and Investment.
  • Affiliate member in International House World organization London-IHWO

Educational Leaders: British International School

Rodney Boswell

British School Principal

He sums up his personal and professional values as follows:

  • I am a father of an 18 year old son and profoundly understand the need for effective curriculum pathways.
  • I value honesty, integrity and a determination to succeed.
  • I believe in the power of technology and developing skilled practitioners to harness it.
  • I passionately believe that learning for young people is a triad of teachers, students and parents. Strong community links are essential.
  • I am also a strong believer in the power of internationalism and the need to develop a shared understanding of our world.
  • When not working to improve the life chances of young people I enjoy sport, reading, cinema and adventure travel. I believe also in a  ‘life wish’ and passions should be part of our everyday lives.

Parras Santosh Majithia

Head of Secondary School

Parras is from the UK, and joined El Alsson as Head of the British Secondary School in August 2022.  He is responsible for leading, supporting and developing staff and students from Year 7 to Year 13.  Prior to moving to Cairo, Parras spent 6-years in a range of leadership roles at both International and Bilingual International Schools in China.

Outside of work, he enjoys: travel; spending time with friends and family; food and drink; and embracing local culture.  Over the next few years in Egypt, he is looking forward to learning some Arabic, as well as spending time outside in the sunshine re-learning how to play golf!

Celine MacArthur

Head of Teaching and Learning

Celine is the Head of Teaching and Learning and MYP Coordinator, ensuring the development of teaching and learning across the British Secondary school with particular focus on the MYP Programme. She is a fully UK qualified Physical Education and Mathematics teacher, with over 30 years of teaching and leadership experience, of which the last 22 were international. Prior to moving to El Alsson, Celine worked in Malaysia, Switzerland, UAE, Qatar and UK, in a range of leadership roles ranging from Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary and Head of Primary. Celine is joined by her husband, Simon who teaches in the Secondary School, and their 2 children. She enjoys travel, culture and sport.

Nihal Amin

Head of Primary (FS1-Year 6)

Nihal joined El Alsson 30 years ago and is currently Head of Primary. She is responsible for leading, supporting, and developing staff and students from FS1 to Year 6. Outside of work, she enjoys travel; spending time with friends and family.

Yasmine Halawa

Assistant Head FS-KS1 (FS1, FS2, Y1, Y2)

Yasmin Halawa is from the UK with Egyptian roots and has been Assistant Head of Early Years at ElAlsson for 4 years. She is responsible for the wellbeing and pastoral support for staff and children from FS1- Year 2. Outside of work, Yasmin is an avid triathlete who competes locally and internationally in Endurance events and long distance triathlons. She also loves to promote fitness for all ages and loves to travel.

May Hassan

Assistant Head KS2 (Yrs 3  to 6)

Ms May began her professional career as an architect but her true unconditional motivation for educating children was a higher need. She changed direction and achieved her dream of becoming a teacher. She has worked as a Primary teacher in international schools in Egypt before embarking on her journey at El Alsson as Yr. 6 Class teacher and the Year Group Leader for Yr.6. Her goal is to create academically engaging learning experiences through an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and kindness. Ms May’s positive outlook on life led to her current position as Assistant Head of Key Stage 2. Her professional passion is working with students and staff to build authentic learning experiences. In her personal life Ms May enjoys music and is an avid reader, though her greatest joy in life is her two boys

Nadine Barouma

Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning for Early Years

Nadine spent the past 15 years in a range of international schools in Egypt. She joined El Alsson in August 2018. She assists the Head of Primary and Principal in promoting the school vision and mission through implementation of the current School Improvement Plan. She oversees, plans and monitors all aspects of Teaching and Learning activity within Early Years (FS-KS1). On the personal level, Nadine enjoys painting, she had her own Art Exhibition in June 2008. She was also a Scouts’ leader and she was greatly influenced by the Scouts’ Values: Integrity, Respect, Care for others and the world in which we live, Cooperation and Teamwork.

Semran Tossoun

Head of Teacher Development (Primary)

Miss Tossoun’s passion as a teacher comes from a life-long obsession of working with children. From a young age she always knew she wanted to be a teacher in order to see them reach their full potential as learners. To be able to connect and be a strong influence in their lives. She started her teaching career in Inner City London Schools and later worked abroad in various educational institutions, holding various middle and senior positions. Her outside interest is reading extensively and being with family and friends.

James Parkinson

Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning

James is from the UK, and joined El Alsson in 2021 as a Year 5 teacher, before moving into the Teaching and Learning role. He began his teaching career in Egypt, where he spent 4 years at BSE, before moving to Poland, where he was a class teacher as well as developing links with the local community. Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his dog Barley; swimming and running with TriMachine; hiking in the lake district when he goes home and watching his beloved Everton Football Club (although they aren’t very good…)

Ben Ranson

Assistant Head KS3 (Yrs 7 to 9)

Ben is originally from Scotland although he grew up in the Middle East. Before joining El Alsson in 2020 he taught Geography in the U.K. and China, serving as a Classroom Teacher, Head of Department, and Senior Leader. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and the Adam Smith Institute and is a founding member of the Chartered College of Teaching. Sipping on good coffee, he reads what brighter minds have to say about teaching, knowledge, and the curriculum. He spends his free time training for ultra-marathons amongst Egypt’s desert canyons with his dog, Hamish.

Jennifer Ranson

Assistant Head KS4 (Yrs 10 & 11)

Jen is the new Head of Key Stage Four here at El Alsson. Prior to this she worked as the Assistant Head of Key Stage Four for two years. Jen is from the UK and has worked in a range of international and independent schools as a Geography teacher and as a boarding housemistress. Jen is an avid hiker and during the holidays you will find her hiking and climbing in many of the world’s greatest mountain ranges. Whilst the school is open, Jen uses her free time to train for running races with her dog Hamish and she loves to cook and spend time with her friends and family.

Maggie Vallely

Assistant Head KS5 (Yrs 12 & 13)

Maggie is an Assistant Head teacher at El Alsson with responsibilities for KS5 students overall school life experience. Maggie ensures that all students are suitably prepared to progress academically and pastorally to enter university life both locally and internationally. Maggie has 20 years’ experience in education and has been in El Alsson for 17 years. Maggie has a thorough understanding of universities globally and builds a rapport with her students to successfully guide them into fields in which they delight and excel. Her educational background in teaching comes from being a Mathematics Teacher and Examinations Officer. She holds a BSc in Mathematics, a BEd in Mathematics and IT and recently successfully completed Senior Leadership qualifications. Throughout her leadership career while developing maturity in her charges they have embedded a youthful spirit in her!

Tharwat Sayed

Head of Arabic Studies

Mr. Tharwat is the Head of Arabic Studies for the Primary / Elementary School

Educational Leaders: American International School

Allison Fleet

American School Principal

Allison is the senior manager for the American school, responsible for all students and teachers from Pre-School to Grade12

Angie Shalaby

Head of Guidance and Student Services

Angie expands in her supportive role focusing on student services, guidance and counseling across all age-levels.

Rania Wassef

Head of Elementary (G2 – G5)

Mona Mourad

Head of Early Childhood (Pre S to G1)

Mona continues in her role of Head of Early childhood caring for our youngest children, teachers and assistants.

Alicia Berry

Head of Teaching and Learning in EC/ES

Adam McDonald

Head of American Middle and High Schools (G6 to 12)

Adam is the Head of the Middle and High schools and is responsible for providing leadership to all senior school affairs, students and teachers..

Noha Sabry

Assistant Head, High School (G9 to 12)

Noha now moves to a new role to provide care and oversight of the High School teachers and students.

Alexander Carr

Assistant Head, Middle School (G6-8)

Chris Beales

Head of Teaching & Learning in the MHS


Diaa El Seweify

Chief Financial Officer

Mai Yehya

Human Resources Manager

Malak Fateen

Business Development and MarketingManager

Hend Awad

Events Manager

Ahmed Mattar

Operations Manager

School Doctors

Dr. Sally Gouda

School Doctor

Dr. Nevine El Baroudy

School Doctor