June 22, 2017

A Year in the life of Alsson Animal Care

Alsson Animal Care (AAC) is a group of students who take care of helpless animals. We take care of cats and dogs that live in the surrounding area; we feed them and give them lots of attention and love. We go a few days a week with either Miss Shelia, Miss Julie M, Miss Julie C, Mr Robert, Miss Kristina or Miss Becky.

The farm

The dogs closest to us are: Bounce, Goldie Mr. Jamie, Kesha and Dora. Mr Jamie has been with us since 2010 and still is; he has been named after the principal back then.

In the beginning of the year, we found out that Dora and Kesha had babies! We’ve been searching high and low for them until we finally found them. They were so cute and friendly, that was definitely one of the best moments in AAC.

But sadly, a few weeks later, the puppies caught a disease called Parvo virus. They were too young to be vaccinated for it, so most of them passed away. Some survived though, which is a good thing because this disease only comes once in a dog’s life.

Soon, Oreo (one of the puppies) was adopted and lives with another dog. She is very happy and healthy.


One of the members in AAC (Hana Seoudy) found a few boys beating up a tiny, thin, helpless puppy. She went there and took that puppy and left. She brought him to Miss Julie Clarke, Head of AAC, who took him to the farm with the other dogs. However, he didn’t fit in well and soon he was brought back to the school with the help of 4 girls (Lara, Taya, Farida and Malak).

We named him Filfil. When he got to the school, he was dehydrated and extremely thin; but within weeks, he grew strong and healthy. Everyone loved him; he loved to play and explore the school. Soon, he was adopted by Miss Ana, and he is very happy and grateful.

The hedgehogs

Recently, the gardener found a little hedgehog family; a mommy and babies they were so cute! The AAC group put them in a little cardboard box, where they were comfortable and safe.

A couple of days later, they were adopted by Miss Mary Anne. They now live in her garden.

AAC has been one of the best things about my Year 7 and I know everyone involved feels the same. We hope to still come and take care of the animals next year – we know it won’t be as often but we will not abandon them!

Written by: Lara Saleh

Koshary and her babies – School cats




Filfil in his new home with his friend




Mr FoxyLoxy enjoying a mud bath


Mr. Jamie


Oreo in new home


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