This page is created to keep parents updated with the official El Alsson PSA updates and announcements.

Announcement #2 on 27.3.2017

Dear Parents,

The following is a listing of the PSA’s most recent news. Your PSA rep will forward year-group specific news to you via your regular communication channel with him/her.


A new Education Minister is in place; the school (among the other international schools) is waiting for Minister approval of fees. The school cannot confirm when that will be yet. Should any parent(s) have an inquiry regarding fees, kindly contact the school directly.

New Giza

Once again the school has assured us that the New Giza campus is safe as per the investigations carried out by the Ministry of Environment and the statement issued by Dr. Sameh Farid, Head of NewGiza University.

Once construction is finished at the new campus, construction “dust” will have settled as is the case in Palm Hills, which sits directly across the new campus. If parents however have concerns regarding their children who may have allergies or asthma issues, they should consult their child’s physician on an individual basis.

Once the buildings of the new campus are finished, an appraisal body from the government will assess the campus and accordingly issue a school license. This is standard practice for new school buildings.

Accreditation Visits

Both American and British accrediting bodies have given our school very positive verbal feedback. The school has been reaccredited in both sections.

Our school undergoes its own self-appraisal to collect evidence of where school needs to improve; the results of the self-appraisal are on par with the results that the accreditation bodies have reached.

The American section [draft] report of the accreditation visit has been issued, however, it cannot be shared publicly until the accreditation board has convened in June to approve the report. Once it is approved, the school will post it on its website.

The BSO [British Schools Overseas] accreditation report will be issued within a month or so, and will be shared with parents on the school website.

Misusing Social Media

Among the many dangers of social media that face us as parents and face our children today is the hyper-speed spreading of false information that may infringe on students’ privacy. We as PSA are urging parents to always double check facts with the school first before sharing stories and information about students other than their own. If the information affects other students, please leave it alone, this way we teach our own children to always seek the truth before repeating misinformation, and to respect other people’s privacy first and foremost.

School Counseling

All of the Senior Leadership teams in both school sections have counseling responsibilities; some are fully trained counselors, while others have training in professional development, among other areas.

Angie Shalaby, the Head of Guidance and Student Services, American section, is a member of the School Counseling Association and is currently acquiring certification in SEL (a program that incorporates social and emotional development into education). The department is building the ABC Bullying Prevention Program, and Angie runs continuous workshops for both bullies and victims of bullying and works closely with parents in the process. The Anti-bullying policy is on the school website and can be accessed by parents.

Angie has worked with students from both the British and American sections, and continues to build trusting relationships with the students of the school.

The Work Experience Program

A number of students from the British section of the school are currently participating in a pilot program called “Work Experience” in which senior students interested in certain fields like engineering and/or architecture are shadowing professionals in those field on-site to gain hands-on experience.

Next September, the program will expand to include students from the American school as well, as the program is currently in a trial period.

New Teaching Vacancies

Many parents are concerned after having seen a long list of job postings by the school. The school is currently hiring a number of teachers to fill several positions as the school is expanding and will separate into two large buildings at the new campus with additional classes opening up, and so more teachers are required. There are a few cases, in which some teachers are leaving, but it is not something out of the ordinary nor does it represent the number of job postings.

Students Interviewing Teachers

Interviews of high-caliber teachers are underway in the British school of both local and foreign teachers. Local teachers are undergoing a one-on-one interview as well as interviews led by students! Teachers that pass these phases of interviews are then asked to conduct a mock-class in order for their teaching skills to be appraised.

Some foreign teachers are being interviewed personally, abroad by school directors, while others are being interviewed via Skype. Once a foreign teacher is hired, he/she will work under a probation period that will assess their teaching skills.


The El Alsson graduation this year will be held in June in compliance with student and parent requests.

Please contact your PSA rep. should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas you would like to share.

Thank You

El Alsson PSA 2016/2017


Announcement #1 on 3.2.2017

Dear El Alsson Parents,

Welcome to the PSA’s official new page on the El Alsson website. This page will make it easier for the PSA to make announcements and share information with parents.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to be positive as the school is working hard on improving communication.

We would emphasize that the school is the formal channel of communication for all announcements; the school’s website, official social media channels and direct letters and emails. It is our responsibility as the PSA to follow up closely and liaise as and when necessary. For example, should you have any questions or concerns regarding fees and/or the new campus, kindly address them to the school directly.

We represent all parents and parent concerns, and we work hard to bring significant group concerns to the school, but more than just handling complaints, we also work hard to foster a positive relationship between parents and the school. This year, we would like to focus our efforts in that regard.

After the school fees are announced we would like to start working together as PSA and parents on different initiatives that can support our children in both the short and the long terms. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to announce some ideas on how we can achieve that together.

We are currently working on Safety Week in order to promote a culture of safety and risk awareness, especially on the buses. Our children’s safety comes above all else. We have asked parents who work in the field of safety to get in touch with their PSA rep. for possible participation in Safety Week with an hour or two of their time. We have been contacted by a small number of parents and we hope that number will grow. We will communicate further with all parents on this matter soon.

Please contact your PSA rep. should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas you would like to share.

Thank You

El Alsson PSA 2016/2017