Welcome to El Alsson School. Here is some useful information for new parents to help prepare your child for joining the Early Years section (FS1, FS2, Y1, and Y2) of our school. There will also be an orientation session with your child’s teacher as well in September, once School starts; we look forward to seeing you there.

*If you are a newcomer to El Alsson School joining an older year or grade level than the above, please check the useful information section of either British or American. Thank you

*As you might know, Children beginning school enter the Early Years Department, either into Foundation Stage 1 (age 3+) or Foundation Stage 2 (age 4+). Early Years Department (FS1, FS2, and Year 1) follow the British system. After Year 1, parents decide whether they want to continue in the British System (Key Stage 2) or  opt to join our American Elementary Section G1-5.


How to prepare your child to start school?


There are many things which will influence how happily your child settles into school. Every child is different and each child will react to this new environment in their own individual way. It is important that children come to school feeling as secure and confident as possible. You can help by being very positive and talking about all the good experiences your child is likely to have each day. Avoid using ‘school’ as a threat. Comments such as, “You won’t be able to behave like that at school”, often worry a child needlessly. Also try not to build up the child’s expectations too much. Many children think they will learn to read and write on the first day. They may then become worried or disappointed when they don’t.


What should my child wear to school?


All children must wear El Alsson School uniform: winter and summer uniform can be purchased from the uniform shop. Our uniform shop is located at 60 Mossadak Street, first floor. Tel: 33380457. Sunday is their day off. Operating hours: 11am to 8 pm
Tip: Blue light jacket with zipper in the front is essential for weather changing seasons. School sun cap is required in the summer. SHOES MUST HAVE ‘STICKY’ VELCRO FASTENINGS AS SHOELACES ARE TOO TRICKY FOR SMALL HANDS.


All uniform items should be properly labeled. Smart Label has given Alssonians a 10% discount on their iron ons labels

You can either reach them via their facebook page (by sending a message), their website:Labels.maktabtak.net, the main site www.maktabtak.net as it has section for smart label products or by phone to 01100411005

IMPORTANT: do not forget to mention Alsson-S.Label2016 in order to get your discount.

There are photographs on display at the shop to help you make sure of the correct uniform.
Below is a list of summer and winter items:

  • Yellow El Alsson short sleeved T-shirt
  • Yellow El Alsson short sleeved polo shirt
  • Blue Shorts


  • Yellow El Alsson long sleeved T-shirt
  • Yellow El Alsson long sleeved polo shirt
  • Blue training trousers
  • Blue sweatshirt
  • Hooded Blue Jacket
  • Navy blue Heavy jacket

Important Notes:

  • You may mix and match the uniform however you wish, blue on top, yellow on bottom / yellow on top, blue on bottom, Yellow on yellow and/or Blue on blue.
  • You must not wear sandals or slip-on shoes.
  • No jewelry, and for girls small ear studs.
  • You must not wear denim, jean-style trousers or track pants as part of your uniform.
  • Your uniform must be clean and in good condition.

PE Kit: starting from Grade 1 and year 2 (Not applicable for FS1, FS2 and Year1)

  • Training shoes with a back. Velcro please.  No slip-on shoes allowed.

PS: in winter time, children may wear their Alsson sweat shirt or trainers.


What does my child need to bring to school each day?


An early morning snack – children should have a light snack of juice and biscuits to boost their energy levels before starting work each morning. A healthy lunch – nutritious food, such as sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cereals, cheese, plain biscuits or plain cake, pizza, yoghurt drink or juice. An afternoon snack – children who stay at school till 3.15pm due to late buses and cars must also bring a snack to eat after school. A large flask of water – Please try to provide a flask with a strap, so that it can be hung up. These can be refilled during the school day from our school water fountains. A school bag – No large cases on wheels please. However, the school bag needs to be large enough to hold a lunch box, work folder and any letters or work going home. Please make sure all your child’s belongings are properly labeled with his/ her full name and class.
Tip : Cairo Mama does stick-on and iron-on labels. Tel: 0100 412 4888 or any sewed label would do.
You can also take the uniform directly to Roaya Promo located in Zamalik 27357362 (Menna Mohamed) and ask for El Alsson Labels Printing Package ( for the entire year, winter and summer uniform, you can pay a one time L.E. 50 per student and have them print your child’s name, class and year on all your uniform pieces)


What items should NOT be brought to school?


1. Jewellery, except for stud earrings
2. Watches or ‘silly bands’
3. Pencils, coloured pencils or pencil cases
4. Money (unless officially requested)
5. Sweets, chocolate or chewing gum
6. Fizzy drinks and drinks in glass bottles
7. Toy guns, knives, swords or other items which can encourage aggressive behaviour
8. Expensive toys, mobile phones or electronic games
9. Hard leather balls
10. Stickers


What happens on the first day of School?

You will receive an sms before the School starts informing you of your child’s start date. FS1 and FS2 start in separate groups over the first week. This allows teachers to focus and bond with each child and helps the settling in process.
Please check the School website www.alsson.com on a regular basis for any changes or updates posted on the calendar or homepage regarding school start dates. All Children come by car on the first day and must be at school by 7.45 am.

FS1, FS2 and Yr1 children finish school at 2:00pm and the buses will depart by 2.15pm in regular school days. During Ramadan, we have different, shorter hours. Parents of children using the bus service need to refer any questions to Mr. Abdel Hameed, our bus supervisor (telephone extension 161) located near the Senior Building entrance gate.


What additional classes will my child participate in this year?


Your child will take part in Arabic, PE and Music lessons each week. He/she will also attend Early Years Assemblies, visit the school library and will have access to a class computer as well as using the ICT room. Pupils take part in regular trips which are arranged to support the curriculum.

We hope this information has been helpful. Should you have any further questions, please contact the school: Phone: 33 888 510 / 010 161 7746