A well equipped clinic is available to provide health care for our children.

Students with injuries or illnesses may go and be seen by our nurses or the school doctor.
We also do regular health checks, particularly for the younger children. The clinic keeps
a medical file on each child and checks on absences.




Day Care

One of our very good ideas was to set up a day care center for children of staff,enabling working mothers to get back to work quickly after having their baby. The center takes children from 0-3 years. The center is not open to the public.









The school has its own engineering, maintenance department and we do almost all of our own maintenance and repairs, as well as keeping eveything in order.









The school runs 50+ buses all over Cairo. All the buses are air-conditioned and

mostof them are 25 seaters enabling them to reasonably get through the traffic. Every bus has a bus matron who stays with the children for the whole journey.






The primary school has a large and very well stocked resource department attached to the staff room. The materials and equippment available to teachers are all catalogued and bar coded using the Oliver library software programme and this unique facility is run by full time personnel who also support the teachers with photocopying, lamination and classroom stationary needs.




ICT Support Services


ICT  Support Services: Four full time IT technicians (MCSE qualified) look after our extensive computer networks. The school has 4 networks: education, a school management system (Phoenix), accounts/ finance and administration. The support service center also provides a regular maintenance and repair service.